8 Reasons To Visit Jamaica

Picture a vast white beach, the mellow funk of reggae bopping through the air and chilled Jamaican lagers being served up with a smile. Sound like your kind of vibe? Read on to learn more about the tropical island of Jamaica, as we unveil eight reasons to make it your next big holiday destination!

1. The Beaches

Don’t we all dream of lounging on those luxurious golden beaches we see in catalogues, lined with luscious greenery and washed with sparkling blue waves? When you visit the beaches in Jamaica, it’s like stepping into one of those dreamy pictures.

Some of the most relaxing and picturesque beaches to visit on your Caribbean holiday are the Seven Mile Beach, Frenchman’s Cove and Winnifred Beach. You could even visit iconic movie spots, such as Laughing Waters Beach, where Ursula Andress famously emerged from the sea in the James Bond classic, Dr No. Whatever you’re looking for in a seaside paradise, you’ll likely find it in Jamaica!

2. The Music

It goes without saying that music is a huge part of Jamaica’s culture. As the home of reggae, you can expect to hear rhythmic, cheerful beats in most tourist spots around the island. Jamaican music is seen as something to be celebrated, so you’ll be able to get involved in everything from euphoric festivals to intimate pop-up performances at restaurants and bars.

Another way to immerse yourself in the musical side of Jamaica is to visit spots linked to local reggae legend, Bob Marley. This could be visits to his previous homes, artsy murals or dedicated museums. No trip to Jamaica is complete without raising a glass to the King of Reggae, after all!

Live music at Rick's Cafe

3. The Scenery

The beaches are undoubtedly a sight to behold, but there’s much more to Jamaica than sand and sea. Rolling mountains create a stunning backdrop to the many scenic gems across the island, from glimmering river falls to vibrant tropical flowers. The rainforests are filled with natural beauty, and you can take guided trips out to see it for yourself.

Love to take photos on your holidays? There’s no end to the amazing photo opportunities on your travels around Jamaica. With stunning landscapes, panoramic sea views and incredible wildlife to catch on camera, you’ll have a whale of time exploring the island and capturing precious memories along the way.

4. The Food

Jamaican cuisine is simply delicious, and will take your holiday to the next level. Jerk-style cooking is one of the main things the island is known for. The grill is flamed up and meats from chicken to pork are marinated with flavoursome jerk seasoning to serve up an authentic feast that dazzles the taste-buds!

Other than the signature jerk cuisine, you will find plenty of fish dishes on the menu along with favourites such as curried goat and Jamaican oxtails. Much of the food you might not have tried before, but you can bet it’s going to taste divine! Keep an open mind and don’t be scared to ask the locals for recommendations if you’re not sure what to have.

5. The People

The vivacious and wholesome spirit of the island lives within its people, who are so proud of their wonderful home in the Caribbean. On your trip, you’ll learn all about the culture and be shown around each fascinating corner of the island by the friendly locals who know it best.

The people are not always key when you choose a holiday destination, but they’re certainly worth making note of when you’re planning a trip to Jamaica. The country’s national motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’, which signifies the coming together of different cultures and the notion that everyone is welcome to enjoy their extraordinary island. It’s clear to see you’ll be greeted with a smile!


6. The Adventure

When it comes to adventure, Jamaica has it all. There’s no shortage of exciting excursions and exhilarating activities to try out! Would you like to venture out into the rainforest on a bamboo raft, climb waterfalls and soar through the luscious trees on a zipline? Perhaps you’d prefer to get close to the wildlife and go horse-back riding or scuba diving? Whatever gets your adrenaline pumping, you’re bound to find an incredible experience to spice up your trip.

As well as having plenty of activities to choose from, there are several different ways to go about doing them. You’ll usually find that your resort will recommend tour operators to guide you through your adventurous excursion. You could be heading off on a quad biking tour or hiking up the mountains!

7. The Weather

One of the best things about Jamaica is that it’s pretty much hot all year round! There are only a few small degrees’ difference between the summer and winter months. You can expect for the weather to be somewhere between 22°C and 32°C at any given point, meaning it’s the perfect destination for catching some rays and topping up your tan.

In terms of popular months to visit Jamaica, there are pros and cons of visiting the island in different seasons. If you visit in November or December, you’re very likely to catch the hottest weather before the height of the peak season. Keep your eyes peeled year-round for sneaky deals and discounts, as you never know what may be on offer!

8. The Accommodation

If you’ve got this far, you’ll now know that Jamaica is a truly wonderful place to visit. It goes without saying that every gem of an island like this one needs accommodation with the wow factor to top it all off! There are plenty of swanky beach-side hotels, or you can even opt for something a little more diverse like a hut by the sea or a cabin in the rainforest.

Wherever you opt to stay in Jamaica, you can expect a trip to remember. There are hotels with a range of star ratings to suit your budget, and many have fantastic entertainment, a range of delicacies and facilities including pools, spas, gyms and sporting equipment. Let’s face it – there’s not much Jamaica doesn’t have!

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