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Why Young Brits are Heading to Bulgaria This Year

Bulgaria may not be as well-known as the likes of Spain or even Greece, but, this rising destination is slowly becoming a holiday hotspot for 2016, and it all comes down to its popularity with young Brits.

In fact, more and more Brits are choosing Bulgaria, and in particular Sunny Beach, as their chosen destination for 2016. So, if you’re left wondering what makes this Balkan nation so special, we’re about to fill you in.

Here, are the top reasons why young Brits are flocking to this vibrant destination.

It’s cheap

We all know living on a student’s budget isn’t easy – you can hardly afford your rent each month never mind a holiday. But with Bulgaria’s super cheap accommodation, food and drinks prices, you can still grab a week in the sun.

In fact, Bulgaria is one of Europe’s best value for money hotspots, and it all comes down to its currency, the Lev. Bulgaria still uses its own currency, so you can expect ridiculously low prices here compared with countries who use the euro – I mean where else can you buy a beer for less than a £1?

Bars, bars and more bars

Bulgaria is big on the partying front, especially in the resort of Sunny Beach. This lively resort is a hidden gem when it comes to partying and has a nightlife scene to rival the likes of Ibiza and Magaluf. But the best part is, you won’t have to pay extortionate entry fees and high drink prices, oh no, a night out in Sunny Beach will cost you a fraction of what you’d pay in other party resorts.

Boat parties, bars, beach cafés, and big clubs, you name it this resort has a nightlife scene for every kind of partier. Plus, parties here don’t end at midnight, so if you aim to stay out as late as possible, you can. But one thing is for certain, don’t come to Sunny Beach if you want to catch up on your sleep.

Short flight time from the UK

Bulgaria’s short flight time of 3 hours and 15 minutes is like music to our ears. That’s right – you’ll arrive on Bulgaria’s warm shores in the time it would take you to watch two films, now can you see the appeal? And such a short flight time means you’ll have more time to sunbathe, bonus.

Beaches worth shouting about

Beaches in Bulgaria are extremely impressive for two reasons, they have stunning far-stretching sands and calm Black Sea waters. But, the biggest draw for young Brits has to be the wide selection of watersports. There’s plenty of beach-based fun to be had in Bulgaria including jet skis, banana boats, windsurfing, water skiing and parasailing. Or, if you prefer to do something which is a little slower paced there’s plenty of beach volleyball games to get involved with.

Suntanning weather

Us sun-deprived Brits will do anything for a week of glorious skies, so with summer temperatures often hitting the 35°C mark in Bulgaria, we know where we’d rather be.

July and August are the hottest months to visit Bulgaria with an average temperature of 28°C, and did you know the highest temperature ever recorded in Bulgaria is 45°C? But, don’t worry about over-heating, you can always cool off in the Black Sea or spend the day at Bulgaria’s biggest waterpark, Action Aquapark.

Now, book your Bulgaria holiday early and secure a place on a Balkan beach this summer 2016.

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