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33 Signs That You Will Only Understand If You Have Been To Marmaris

Let’s face it, when you get to Marmaris strange things happen to you. Whether it’s your first time or your twentieth time we all get Turkey fever. You can’t help but go all ‘Supermarket Sweep’ on the shops, and let’s not mention the holiday dance you’ve spent two weeks perfecting.

So, which of these can you honestly say you’ve done?

1. Going through passport control at Dalaman airport and seeing everyone with ten pound notes

2. Having a breakdown 20 minutes after arriving in Dalaman Airport because you didn’t buy your visa online before you travelled

3. And now you have to spend the next 8 hours of your life in the queue for it #fail

4. Finally making it through Airport Security and leaving the terminal building to be hit with a wall of heat

5. Getting a round of applause when you make it to the transfer coach as everyone has been waiting for you

6. And no one can believe you didn’t know about the new visa process – after all its sooooo much easier…

7. The transfer takes twice as long as the flight

8. The view almost distracts you from the white knuckle transfer

9. Being utterly confused when you see ‘Azda’ and ‘Primarni’

10. Arriving at the hotel feeling like you’ve travelled 40 days and 40 nights across the desert

11. Treating yourself to a Turkish bath so you remove the first 8 layers of your skin and tan better

12. Setting down for a day of serious sunbathing to last 13 minutes before retreating to the shade

13. Although you tan like a pro, you somehow end up with severe sunburn on the boat trip to Dalyan and Turtle Beach

14. Visiting Marmaris Grand Bazaar to stock up on essentials and feeling like a contestant on ‘Supermarket Sweep’

15. Regretting telling one shop owner you would come back to his shop 5 years ago when you were here with your parents because he never forgets a face

16. Heading down to Turtle Bar for a spot of karaoke to show off your inner Mariah Carey skills

17. Haggling the ‘Michael Kors’ handbag down from €14 to €12

18. Asking for a pair of ‘Converse’ in red and getting every colour but

19. Then realising your right foot is a size 5 and the left one is a size 7

20. Spending one day at Atlantis Waterpark and elbowing groups of 8 year olds out the way to get to the front of the queue.

21. Going to Red’s Steak for the best meal of your holiday

22. Going to Crazy Daisy Bar for the ultimate foam party

23. But instantly regretting not wearing your waterproof mascara

24. You only head to Bar Street if you’re planning on having a wild night

25. And you make sure you end your night with a Turkish kebab

26. Staying at your hotel for their BBQ night and picking a table at the back as you know the local belly dancer will be out very soon

27. But you somehow always manage to get picked

28. Thinking you’re  Shakira in her ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ video, but in reality your stiffer than an ironing board

29. Getting told you can actually go ice skating in the middle of summer near Marmaris Beach #amazing

30. Deciding to walk to Icmeler Beach as you’ve been told it’s not too far

31. But you instantly regret your decision after 10 minutes walking in the unbearable heat

32. On departure day you arrive at the airport tired and barely functioning

33. But despite your tiredness you know for sure you will be back to do it all again!