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Where’s Hot to Trot in February

It seems like it was ages ago since we tossed out the tinsel and dusted down the cobwebs. Now the winter blues have kicked in, maybe it’s time to think of getting some sun on those cold bones. So, lets have a look at where’s hot to trot in February.

Thaïlande - Ko Phi Phi - Maya Bay

If you are looking for excellent winter sun theen check out Thailand. From bustling Bangkok to the peaceful Ko Lipe Island, Thailand really does appeal to all. With year round sun and temperatures reaching an average of 34°C in February you will soon have that healthy glow to your skin.

Goa markets 564181

Another hot hot hot destination to feast over is Goa, located in west India. Goa has been a favourite tourist destination for many years. It is easy to just kick back and enjoy the simple life on a very low budget. On the streets of Goa you can sample many delights from the local Goan curry to the world famous Golden Arches.

Soho Square

The Red Sea has been tantalising many of us recently with its excellent temperatures and amazing coral reefs. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the famous Soho Square. From contemporary restaurants, family entertainment and even ice skating, YES ice skating in Egypt. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Cape Verde 170038847

Sitting Off the African coast you will find the up and coming Islands of Cape Verde. Boasting amazing beaches and a windsurfer’s paradise, Cape Verde will definitely be a destination to watch grow in the coming years. A hotel at the top of my list would be the Riu Touareg, with its enviable location on one of Boa Vistas best beaches.

Aphrodite's Rocks, Cyprus

Cyprus is a good place to check for a cheap February break. Although the weather is not as guaranteed as the above destinations, temperatures regularly reach 20°C. Cypriots, like in the UK, drive on the left hand side of the road, so it is well worth hiring a car and heading up into the Troodos Mountains.

So where will February take you?