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Thomson Extra Leg Room and Extra Space – All Your Questions Answered

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling claustrophobic onboard an aircraft when you’re left with little room to move, never mind eat or sleep. So, how about getting your holiday off to a flying start and treating yourself to Thomson extra space seats or extra legroom.

If you’re wondering what the differences are then lets clear things up so you can make sure you book the right seats on your next TUI holiday.

Extra legroom

All Thomson flights come with the option to book extra legroom seats, which if you didn’t know are seats with a larger seat pitch – two extra inches to be exact.

With 18 seats in total, you’ll also have a bigger selection to choose from in comparison to extra space seats. So, if you’re holidaying as a family it will be easier securing seats together.

These seats will vary depending on the aircraft you’re flying on, while Thomson Dreamliner extra legroom seats are located towards the rear of the plane in rows 31 to 36. But the best part is anyone can sit here unlike the extra space option where passengers have to be fully abled.

Costing around £30 per person they’ll be well worth the extra splurge when you can stretch out for the duration of your flight. After all – you may as well put those extra inches to good use.

Another bonus that comes with these seats is the Select Your Seats service, which means passengers can book their seats straight away and avoid the rush at the 90-day window. This is especially beneficial for large groups who want seats together.

Extra space

Like extra legroom seats, extra space seats are perfect if you want to fly in comfort.

Located near to emergency exit doors, behind a bulkhead, or behind a dividing wall, you’ll get plenty of leg room, but less choice. This also means you have no seat in front so you’ll need to store your personal items in the overhead lockers provided. Please be aware these seats are usually close to the toilet, so you may have people queuing near you, but don’t worry, cabin crew will prevent passengers from using the extra space seats as a walkway.

Again, where these seats are located will vary depending on the aircraft layout, but if you’re flying on Thomson’s Dreamliner they will be located in rows 10 and 30. These seats typically cost around £25 per person.

The major difference though, is they’re only available to passengers who are deemed fit and able. This means passengers will have to meet the European Aviation Safety Authority regulations before they are allowed to be seated here. These restrictions are – you won’t be able to sit here if you’re under the age of 12, need an extension seatbelt, under the influence of alcohol or travelling with an assistance animal. However, cabin crew will make the final decision.

Extra space seats also come with the Select Your Seats service, which is a great addition, especially when seats are limited. This way, the earlier you book the better chance you’ll have of bagging the best seats.

Now you know where the best seats are get booking your dream getaway with Holiday Hypermarket.