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Thomson has changed to TUI. We will no longer sell holidays under the ‘Thomson’ name, but you’ll still be able to search all our fantastic deals when you visit our TUI page.

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Thomson holidays at Holiday Hypermarket

Here at Holiday Hypermarket you can enjoy exclusive online discounts, making your dream holiday a reality. And for your peace of mind, all Thomson holidays are ABTA bonded, meaning your trip has full financial protection.

Plus, there’s so much to choose from when you book a Thomson holiday with Holiday Hypermarket. Offering all the same exclusive collections for even less, you can grab everything from over-the-top luxury with a TUI Sensatori, unforgettable family experiences with TUI Family Life or an adult-only retreat with a TUI Sensimar.

Where it all began

Thomson are one of the UK’s leading tour operators. They were founded in 1965 as part of the Thomson Travel Group following the union of three separate package holiday companies and Britannia Airways. Thomson grew to become the market leader in the package holiday market in less than 10 years and currently operates with approximately 30% of the UK package holiday market share.

After purchasing Lunn Poly, the UK’s largest chain of travel agents, they established a strong high street presence. Lunn Poly was eventually re-branded to fall under the Thomson banner in 2004.

Since 2000 Thomson has been part of the TUI AG Group, which established a new name for the former Britannia Airways brand when it introduced Thomsonfly in 2004, winning acclaim from independent sources for its time-keeping and all round service. The merge with First Choice came after in 2008.

Holidays for every kind of traveller

There’s one thing Thomson offer, and that’s fantastic hotels and destinations. Living by the concept ‘Holidays designed for everyone’ they provide a wide selection of getaways for all types of travellers. So, whether you’re a fan of the finer things in life and look for things like waiter-service and private pools or prefer somewhere that caters for kids with tons of activities, a Thomson holiday has you covered.

Also, with 11 brands under their belt from TUI Family Life to Scene and A La Carte, you’re sure to find something to suit your holiday style. You can choose your duration too, if a week isn’t quite long enough but two weeks seems like a lifetime, they also offer 9, 10, 11 and 12-night getaways for those looking for something in between.

Destinations far and wide

The leading travel company has expanded so much, you can pick from a huge variety of holidays to destinations worldwide. Flying to more than 80 destinations across the globe on an impressive 63 aircrafts, it’s not hard to see why Thomson Airways was awarded the title ‘World’s Best Leisure Airline’ for the fourth consecutive year in 2016.

From long haul to mid haul and short haul, you have endless options when you fly with Thomson. Alongside the traditional Spain, Greece and Turkey beach holidays, they now offer holidays to America and Canada, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the Far East and many more.

Thomson have also added a bunch of city breaks to their range with getaways to some of the world’s most famed spots including the betting capital Las Vegas, shopping heaven New York and party central Bangkok.

Their state-of-the-art Dreamliners have to be one of their biggest highlights. Not only are these planes faster and more fuel-efficient, but they also have a number of stand-out features like mood lighting, larger windows and they’re known for being a lot quieter, offering a great flying experience.

Thomson kicked off its rebranding to TUI on 19 September 2017 with a TV ad campaign in the UK. It had first been announced that Thomson was set to change names in 2015. Thomson was the last to adopt the name of its German parent company, but it was felt the TUI name would diversify the customer reach and breadth of product, giving more choice and flexibility when you book your overseas adventures.

Thomson was first acquired by Hapag Lloyd in 2000. Hapag Lloyd owned TUI at this time and itself rebranded as TUI AG shortly after. TUI later dropped the Thomson and First Choice travel brands to refresh the business.

Although the Thomson name had been a travel favourite for 50 years, it was felt this new incarnation would not only keep existing customers and also attract a new generation of travellers. With a diverse range of holidays and hotels to destinations across the world including Europe, Asia and the Caribbean now under a single brand name, TUI has retained its travel crown.

Thomson rebranded as TUI in 2017. Thomson and First Choice were the last of a group of companies owned by German company TUI HG to be rebranded to create unity across the brands. TUI offers the same holidays that Thomson did, but with the addition of many more hotels and holidays. With the merger of the UK businesses with its German parent company, TUI now sells all its holidays under a single brand name – TUI – with the Canary IslandsGreece and the Balearic Islands among its most popular destinations.

The decision to change the name brought the TUI brand to a wider UK audience and attracted more customers to the expansive holiday collection that TUI now offers under its worldwide brand name.

The TUI group includes TUI UK and Ireland, First Choice, TUI Airways and Marella Cruises which replaced Thomson Cruises. Thomson’s 600-plus stores were also rebranded as TUI.

Founded in 1965 by Roy Thomson, the Thomson Travel Group included for tour operators, Skytours, Riviera, Luxitours, Gaytours, and the airline Britiannia Airways. Thomson was rebranded as TUI and kicked off its media rebrand with an advertising campaign which debuted during ITV’s The X Factor on 19 September 2017. Thomson holidays started trading as TUI UK on 18 October 2017.

Thomson’s cruise line Thomson Cruises was rebranded as Marella Cruises as part of the rebrand to TUI in 2017.

The change to TUI was a positive step, and offers more flexibility, as well as a wider portfolio of hotels and more choices from one easily recognised global brand. TUI ensures you have a more personal service, and tailor-made experiences alongside much-loved collections such as TUI Sensatori and TUI Family Life.

Thomson Holidays was rebranded as TUI in 2017. The TUI Group is an Anglo-German tourism and travel company which Thomson became a part of in 2000. TUI offers all of the former Thomson products such as SensatoriSmall and FriendlyGoldPlatinum and Family Life under the new TUI brand.

Essentially, all the holidays, destinations and products sold previously by Thomson Holidays are now sold by TUI with the edition of a new line-up that incorporates more tailor-made options, more destinations and a wider portfolio of accommodation choices.

As part of the Thomson to TUI rebrand, Thomson Cruise became Marella Cruises and Thomson Airways is now called TUI Airways.

Holiday Hypermarket is part of TUI UK and Ireland, which Thomson became a part of in 2000. TUI Group is a group of companies providing the world’s number one integrated tourism business. With a reach of over 30 million customers, TUI Group is the largest retailer of package holidays.

Thomson was rebranded as TUI in 2017 both online and across its 600-plus stores. As a member of TUI Group, Holiday Hypermarket offers a wide choice of products and package holidays from leading tour operators.

TUI Group operates in 180 companies across 31 markets, enabling Holiday Hypermarket to bring thousands of holiday collections to a wide online audience. It offers holiday deals from tour operators such as TUI, First Choice, Olympic Holidays and Red Sea Holidays, to name but a few. Holiday Hypermarket features popular collections such as TUI Family Life, First Choice Holiday Villages and TUI Small and Friendly.