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The Ultimate Tenerife Bar Crawl

Tenerife is the largest and most popular of the Canary Islands, with over 5 million tourists flocking to its beautiful beaches every year. It’s most popular with visitors from the UK, with more than 1 million people visiting each year, but its appeal is felt across Europe—it’s also a popular destination with German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Italian tourists.

Tenerife shares the same latitude as the Sahara desert, and this ensures a gorgeous year-round climate—it’s commonly known as the Island of Eternal Spring. The south of the island sees the heaviest influx of visitors, due to its hotter and drier climates and this is where the island has seen the most tourism development. The cultural mix of those visiting Tenerife has resulted in a broad range of options for dining and entertainment and those looking for a great bar crawl will find the island has plenty to offer. Here’s our pick of venues that are not to be missed.

Early evening: Food and good company

The food of the Canary Islands is fresh and uncomplicated, relying on locally available products such as rabbit, cheese, potatoes and of course fish. Dishes are often accompanied by “mojo,” a traditional local spicy garlic sauce, and the islands offer an abundance of local wines to accompany meals.

Lucas Maes is a renowned eatery offering modern twists on traditional cuisine. It’s named after its prize winning chef who has guided it to international acclaim and is sure to guarantee an atmospheric start to an evening with its open kitchen and al fresco terrace dining.

Another option is the Meson El Monisterio, offering excellent dining housed in a converted monastery. It’s location at the base of a volcano offers stunning views and large fields and gardens to explore after your meal.

Evening: Drinks and good times

Bars and nightlife are large part of Spanish culture, and Tenerife has a huge range to choose from. The highest concentration of venues is in the Playa de las Americas region focussed in three areas: Starco, Veronica’s and the Patch. Within these areas you can drink and gossip until the early hours.

Well worth checking out is the Papagayo Beach Club with its beautiful beach front location. Cocktails start at €7 and a small beer is just €3. The fantastic sunsets are free.

Later in the evening the Blanco Bar is a choice destination for the cooler crowd. It’s a sprawling venue spread over three levels offering live music at the weekend. Price are reasonable (€2.5 for a small beer), and it’s open until 3am.

The Night: Dancing until dawn

When the urge to dance becomes irresistible, head over Veronica’s or Starco, where most of the clubs are located. We recommend a trip to Tramps; an institution whose claim to be the islands’ premier venue is venerated by its slick venue and parade of recognisable DJ talent.

Tenerife has a rich tradition of hospitality and stunning range of venues that will be willing to host you on a memorable night out. Its combination excellent food and fine surroundings ensure this sun drenched island is one you will return to again and again as  one night is certainly not be enough to enjoy all that it has to offer!