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The Best Flight Times to Beat Jet Lag

It’s time to put a stop to that dreaded jet lag feeling – we want you to make the most of long haul holidays without insomnia or extreme tiredness pulling you back!

That’s why we’ve carefully handpicked the best flight times for our top winter warming holiday destinations, so you can step off the plane feeling refreshed and ready to take on your next adventure.

East is beast, west is best

The theory is that if you’re flying east, your days are a lot shorter – this is because you’re gaining more hours due to the time difference being a few hours ahead of UK time.

This makes it harder to recover from jet lag, but if you time your flights right with our trusty guide, you’ll be ready to conquer your new destination after a good night’s kip.

Flying west is best with the time difference being behind, meaning you’ll gain several hours in your chosen location – giving your body more time to recover from crossing numerous time zones. It also means you can start your holiday as soon as you step off the plane!


If you’re heading to the sugar-white sand beaches of Cuba, expect your flight time to be around nine hours. We recommend catching a flight mid-morning allowing you to land in Cuban time just after lunch.

The time difference is five hours behind the UK, so although your mind will think it’s evening, you’ll actually still have the full day ahead of you. Ample opportunity to hit the sun-drenched beaches or explore Old Havana!

Just be careful not to take a nap, as tempting as it can be after a day of travelling. If you force yourself to stay awake until bedtime in your new destination, you’ll sleep like a baby and won’t suffer from disturbed sleep.

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Stretched right along the Arabian Sea lies Goa, with a four-and-a-half hour time difference and a flight time of just over 10 hours.

When it comes to your boarding time, the earlier the better, so aim for a flight between the hours of 5am and 9am. This means you’ll arrive in Goa late at night, and even though your body’s convinced it’s early evening, you’ll be that tired from traveling you’ll drop off in no time.

Your body clock will soon adapt to your new surroundings and you’ll hopefully start the following day feeling refreshed. Worse comes to worst, you have miles of beach to relax on anyway!

It can also help to change your sleeping pattern at home at least a week before your travels.

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Say hola to Mexico, everyone’s favourite spring break destination and just a 10-hour flight away on the Thomson Dreamliner.

Let the warm Caribbean sun hit your face and prepare to be welcomed by palm tree-lined beaches – and a shot of tequila! Head to the pool with a cocktail in hand as soon as you arrive from a mid-morning flight.

Sombreros at the ready as you arrive mid-afternoon, a prime time to catch some rays. Mexico sits six hours behind UK time, leaving you with extra hours to recover from all that travelling.

Before you take off, set your watch or phone to the time of your new destination – this way you’re already mentally prepared for a different time zone.

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Head to a patch of paradise with a 12-hour flight to the one and only Mauritius. You won’t mind what time you arrive when you dip your toes into the warm waters and catch a glimpse of the laid-back beach lifestyle.

Catching a flight in the evening between 5pm and 7pm is best as you can sleep for most of the flight, arrive in Mauritius the following morning and have the whole day ahead of you. You’ll find the time difference is four hours ahead, but if you’ve slept most of the flight you won’t even notice the difference.

Head straight outdoors and don’t waste another minute – light exposure is one of the best cures for jet lag! What other excuse do you need to head straight out to the pool side?

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It’s only a nine-hour flight to say hello to Micky and Minnie in the Sunshine State of Florida. Here you’ll find Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Discovery Cove – just to name a few. It’s go big or go home in America, and that’s why you need the perfect flight time.

Just five hours behind UK time, you’ll be itching to arrive in Florida bright and early. Try bagging yourself a flight departing between 6am and 9am, meaning you’ll have your wheels on the ground from 10am to 1pm in Florida local time. Then, it’ll be time to drop off your bags in the hotel room and head straight out for a day of fun.

It might be difficult to steer clear of a tipple or two, but avoid consuming too much alcohol during your flight as this can leave you recovering from jet lag for days. It’s not often you’re in the Magic Kingdom –so it’s best to avoid wasting any time sleeping it off.

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The cascading waterfalls, tropical jungle and clear waters of Thailand are calling your name. It’s the holiday of a lifetime – making that 12-hour flight worth every minute.

Grab some lunch and jump on your noon flight, this way you can arrive on one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands early in the morning. This means you can have a snooze at your normal bedtime during the flight, leaving you raring to go once you step off the plane.

Thailand is six hours ahead of the UK, so be sure to follow our recovering from jet lag step-by-step guide to make sure it doesn’t impact your holiday.

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Thomson Dreamliner

If you’ve bagged yourself a flight onboard the Thomson Dreamliner, prepare for some serious relaxation.

This high-tech plane even has dynamic LED mood lighting to mimic the time of your desired destination, not to mention less aircraft noise, more seating options and improved air filtration – you’ll start your holiday as fresh as a daisy.

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