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Havana holidays

This resort is the place to enjoy the authentic Cuban lifestyle while you're surrounded by the city's eclectic architecture, vibrant nightspots and fascinating history. Experiences found on Havana holidays are unmatched by any other destination in the world.

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One of the classics

The capital city is found on the northern coast of the Caribbean's largest island. Touching down in Havana is like stepping back in time to the 1950s. Built around Old Havana's harbour, the city is a collection of charming narrow streets filled with faded pastel buildings.

Visitors don't choose holidays to Havana for the quiet atmosphere; they come to experience the exciting culture and surroundings that can only be found here. The sheer size of the city and the selection of attractions and activities on offer means it is hard to see and do it all in one trip.

As well as the exhilaration of the city, there are also peaceful beaches located on the outskirts of Havana for those wanting to relax and lay out underneath the Caribbean sunshine.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Peso
  • Spanish
  • GMT - 5hrs

A packed capital city

Whole days can be spent venturing through the city districts of Havana with the most impressive buildings and sights belonging to Old Havana and the Plaza Vieja.

It's hard not to turn a corner and stumble across another historic building, museum or gallery in this region of the city which is why is has been named a UNESCO heritage site. The streets are lined with communist landmarks and classic American cars.

There is plenty more to see and do along the coast too as the lively boardwalk is filled with miles of museums, bars, restaurants, shops and nightspots.

These are just some of the areas in central Havana, there is so much more to discover in the city and its surrounding municipalities. To make sure you catch the best bits, travel around with one of the many popular tour operators who will share the stories and history of the city with you.

Dance the night away

Holidays to Havana are exciting by day but really come alive at night. There are countless venues playing live music with a distinct Cuban sound.

Learn to salsa dance at La Casa del Son, enjoy the outside variety show with some food and Cuban rum at Tropicana, or see in the morning from one of the city's many discos.

Nightlife in Havana can provide a venue to match your needs. Cafes stay open late where you can enjoy a sociable drink or the clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning for those who get carried away by the Cuban beats.

Beach breaks

There are relaxing beaches found just outside of Havana for when you need a break from city life. Taxi's and coaches are ready to help you escape and enjoy the clichéd beaches of Cuba.

Smooth white sands, lines of beach bars and water sports on top of the clear blue ocean; the Playas del Este is everything you'd imagine it to be. Taxis and shuttles are ready to take you 20 minutes out of the city to enjoy this adjacent paradise.

Distinct Cuban shopping

Not offering traditional retail products that you're used to back home, Havana provides plenty of alternatives with some very interesting shops and markets.

The modern shopping centre of Tiendas Carlos Tercero sells electricals, sporting goods and clothes while La Maison in Miramar is the place to find the latest designer brands in clothing and accessories.

The biggest market in the city is Calle Tacón in Old Havana, you'll find shirts, local arts and crafts and plenty of souvenir opportunities. Of course you'll have the chance to purchase traditional Cuban cigars or rum all over the city. What better way to show you've been to Havana than taking back a bottle of Havana Club.

Where to eat?

The city isn't known for its fine cuisine but there are ample selections on offer to appease your appetite. With a mixture of cheaper government-run and privately owned restaurants, both are great places to enjoy Cuban dining.

Some of Havana's most popular eateries include El Balcon, La Guarida and 304 O'Reilly. However there are hundreds of places to choose from throughout the city, sample as many as you can to find your favourite.

Cheap travel

Many people arrive in Havana via a cruise ship which docks at the city's famous harbour. For those flying into Cuba, you'll land at the José Martí International Airport which is about half an hour away from Havana central.

Getting around Havana is pretty inexpensive as the taxis usually provide good rates and the bus service which travels around the city charges just one peso. Coaches travel regularly up and down the coast taking you to the beaches and this trip should cost no more than three pesos.

Best time of year to visit

Cuba's annual climate means that holidays to Havana can be enjoyed at any point in the year. The average temperature ranges between 21C to 27C from winter to summer.

The wet season runs from May to October but you'll be spoilt for choice over where to take shelter with the amount of buildings, museums and attractions on offer.

There is no quiet season in Havana, if they're not celebrating a public holiday like National Rebellion weekend at the end of July or Liberation Day on January 1, you'll be sure to find an event, a show or a party somewhere in this bustling city.