The 7 Best Bond Locations You Have to Visit!

The 7 Best Bond Locations You Have to Visit!

After watching No Time To Die, the long-awaited and latest Bond film, we’ve been marvelling at some of the best destinations 007 has visited. 

Being possibly one of the most well-travelled characters in cinema history, he certainly has no problems finding himself in some of the most captivating and scenic places on earth!

These destinations have just as much swagger as the man himself – and as there’s been more Bond films than we can count on both hands, you’re not short of choice either.

Here’s the seven best Bond locations we think are worthy of being added to your bucket list…


Remember the dramatic chase scene in the opening of Spectre? It was shot in Mexico City’s stunning main square, and sees 007 following his own accord (as ever!) to put a stop to a terrifying terrorist plot on the Day of the Dead.

In the background of all the car-chasing chaos you’ll spot amazing architecture surrounding Zocalo, like the cathedral and Palacio Nacional. Mexico City itself sits quite central within the country, but you can always choose to stay in a seaside resort like Cancun or picturesque Puerto Vallarta and explore the country from there.

Experience the Day of the Dead celebrations for yourself (without Bond’s carnage unfolding around you) by heading to Mexico any time from 31st October and in the week that follows. You’ll find rather extravagant parades taking place celebrating this fascinating tradition, and trips to places like Chitchen Itza will reveal a whole host of captivating culture from times long gone by.

Venice, Italy

Casino Royale has to be up there with our favourite Bond films, and Daniel Craig’s first run as 007 needed a suitably suave destination to feature in the second half of the film – enter Venice.

You’ll no doubt remember Bond weaving among the stunning palazzos surrounding the main square – Piazza San Marco – after he’s realised his beloved Vespa has betrayed him. This floating city is nothing short of spectacular – float down scenic streets on a gondola and enjoy an amazing array of mouth-watering dining options to get a real taste of Italy. 

Couples will delight in the rustic and romantic feel of this iconic city, which is one giant UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cuddle up as you curve around the picturesque canals and dine on slices of pizza from the ‘holes in the wall’. We’re sure you’ll have a more successful trip than Bond and Vespa!


Want to feel like you’ve truly stepped into another world? Then Iceland needs to be on your Bond bucket list. This substantial glacial location makes it one of the most memorable film locations – namely when Pierce Brosnan conducts a cooler-than-cool car chase across the frozen surface of a lake in an Aston Martin. 

Choose to stay in the capital of Rekjavic and you’ll be able to embark on multiple memorable trips – we’re talking visiting unbelievable geisers, witnessing wonderfall waterfalls and even finding yourself gliding your way across the snow and ice in a stylish snowbuggy. You’ll feel like you’ve borrowed one of Bond’s coolest gadgets!

Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is also renowned for playing host to the amazing natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, which if timed right, you could be lucky enough to spot! On top of that you’ve got a bustling vibrant city that’s filled with restaurants, shops, spas, and comes with a sophisticated music and arts scene. A star-studded destination, no doubt!


The superb addition to the Bond legacy that was Skyfall sees another classic 007 car chase scene through the intricate corridors of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar – and apparently, Istanbul is also Ian Fleming’s favourite city. That’s enough reason to visit alone!

Why not treat yourself to a toasty beach holiday to Turkey in top resorts like Izmir and Bodrum, and uncover the sights, sounds, and smells from the marvellous markets yourself. This fascinating country will delight you with all it has to offer – work a bit of Bond magic and use your suave bartering skills to snap up a bargain or two. Work that charm!

You won’t be short on souvenirs to take home here – lamps, intricate rugs, and of course you can’t come away without some tasty Turkish delight!


As one of the most famous bond scenes of all time, I think we’d be lying if we said we haven’t copied that moment where Honey Ryder, played by Ursula Andress, emerges from the sea in a white bikini. But does anyone know where this scene was actually shot? 

Well, if you didn’t know it was filmed just a kilometre east of Mammee Bay in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Also known as ‘James Bond Beach’ you’ll know you’ve reached that iconic spot when you come across a river appearing from rocks, this stream will lead to the small beach where we met the very first bond girl in Dr No in 1962.

This year-round destination serves up sublime sunshine, beautiful beaches and a whole host of captivating culture to get stuck in to. Feast on reggae chicken and rum cocktails – shaken, not stirred, of course!

Florida, USA  

Florida is a dreamy destination no doubt – it’s not called the Sunshine State for no reason. Teaming with gorgeous beaches and packed with things to do, from Universal Studios to Walt Disney World, holidays to Florida are as jam-packed and thrilling as any Bond movie itself.

Remember the epic chase scene for Timothy Dalton’s last run as 007? That was shot on part of the Overseas Highway connecting to the Florida Keys – the Seven Mile Bridge. If you’re holidaying in Florida, you simply have to hire a car and take this short road trip for yourself!

You’ll be utterly wowed by the views of the surrounding ocean – just don’t be pulling down any helicopters from the sky using a lasso as Bond did! That might be taking the adventure a bit too far…

Las Vegas, USA 

Is there a more dramatic destination on earth than can rival the superb showcase that is Las Vegas?

Classy cocktails, a constant flow of money, hallmark hotels – this destination has Bond’s name all over it from the get-go. And that’s where Sean Connery made his final appearance as 007 in the classic Diamonds are Forever.

Bond stayed at the Tropicana Las Vegas, while scenes were shot in the Black Rock Desert, McCarran International Airport and most memorable of all, the car chase scene through downtown Las Vegas, which meant a portion of the strip had to be closed at night for three days!

Star in your own show when you visit this fabulous destination – the choice of accommodation you have is unrivalled. Watch the spectacular Bellagio Fountain’s show, try your luck in the casinos or even take a helicopter ride out to the Grand Canyons. If that isn’t a Bond thing to do, we don’t know what is!

No time to…wait around!

Feeling inspired after getting a taste of Bond’s travels? So are we! Take a look at our top deals here and get finding your next bucket-list worthy getaway today. 

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