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Sky-High Restaurants Around the World

One of the best parts of travelling is the ability to explore great food around the world. What makes a great restaurant, though, comes down to not just the menu, but also the setting. One of the most unique experiences you can have is eating at a sky-high restaurant. With this in mind, below are 5 of the best cloud-scraping restaurants around the world.

1. Galvin at Windows – London

View from Galvin at WIndows
View from Galvin at WIndows

Although it was only opened in 2006, Galvin at Windows has built a great reputation thanks to their warm and friendly service and great food. Serving a range of French dishes from their Michelin-starred menu, Galvin at Windows makes a real effort to create a sense of occasion and will even provide you with free branded postcards that can be sent anywhere you want courtesy of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the 28th floor of the Hilton Park Lane hotel and offers incredible views of Hyde Park and the surrounding buildings and is particularly spectacular at night.

2. Sky on 57 – Singapore

Sat on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Sky on 57 provides an eating experience that’s hard to match. It offers a panoramic view of the Singapore cityscape and the bay and fantastic Asian cuisine with a modern twist by renowned chef Justin Quek.

Sky on 57 has a range of menus including New Year’s and Christmas menus and unlike many other sky high restaurants, they also serve breakfast and brunch.

3. Dinner in the Sky – Las Vegas

Dinner in the sky
Dinner in the sky

If you want a completely unique dining experience then you can’t go wrong with Dinner in the Sky, in Las Vegas. Unlike a traditional sky-high restaurant, when you eat at Dinner in the Sky, your table is literally hoisted up in the air while you eat your meal… It certainly makes for an exhilarating experience!

The food served at Dinner in the Sky includes reliable favourites, like fillet medallions, chicken dishes, and vegetarian meals.

4. The Grill at La Piscine – New York

If there’s one city that was made for sky-high restaurants, it’s New York—and The Grill at La Piscine is one of the very best. Serving great food such as grilled lobster and Greek salad, this restaurant is a great choice when you want to eat in style. The 10th floor setting gives you a great view of New York’s famous skyline and the elegant and stylish décor makes it a true pleasure to eat there.

5. Roof on the Wit – Chicago

Roof  on the wit
Roof on the Wit

Roof on the Wit in Chicago offers incredible views of the city’s most famous landmarks including Lake Michigan and Millennium Park. The food served includes oysters, shrimp and tuna. Roof on the Wit is a favourite haunt of many celebrities such as Bon Jovi and Vince Vaughn.

There are two main areas – The Patio, which is large lounge with a bar and video wall; and The Hangover – a private, glass-enclosed table for up to 8 people.

Images under Creative Commons: Galvin at Windows, Dinner in the Sky, Roof on the Wit