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Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed On Flights…?

Please God no! Can you possibly imagine anything worse than being sat next to someone who spends the whole flight having a domestic with their other half over their mobile phone? Or feels the need to discuss with their best friends the intricate details of their love life?

There’s nowhere to escape to…you can’t go for a wander to the buffet car as you can on a train, or hover near the door and watch the world flash before your eyes through the murky windows. You are stuck!

I remember a particularly long train journey to Scotland when I was wedged between a young man in the first throes of pneumonia and a rather loud, inconsiderate male whose other half was not happy that he was going away to work and had spent his last night at home “out with the lads”. So whilst trying to avoid all contact with the sneezing, wheezing, eucalyptus smelling box of soggy tissues sat on one side I also had to contend with the art of trying not to look as though I was listening to every word Mr “you don’t understand me” was saying, while Mrs “you don’t care about me” was sobbing in his ear.

Then, surprise surprise she keeps hanging up on him…only to immediately call back again and again filling the carriage with his annoyingly stupid ringtone. Ignore it! Pretend you are going through a tunnel and give us all some peace! I try to turn away but am faced with a barrage of goo flying towards me at half a zillion miles an hour as the one suffering from man flu does not suffer in silence. Imagine all that at 32,000 feet! Aaahhhggg!