Meet the Team!

This month, Holiday Hypermarket is celebrating its 20th birthday! That’s twenty whole years of travel, sending our customers on amazing holidays to much-loved destinations around the world.

Those twenty years have seen all kinds of changes in the world of travel – from the days of searching Teletext holidays on the telly to not having to get photos developed when you return home. 

But what’s never changed for us, is having the friendliest, most dedicated team who work hard behind the scenes to turn your holiday dreams into reality.

We’re one big family here at Holiday Hypermarket, so whether it’s Ian in Marketing or Julie in Customer Service, you can trust that they’re doing everything they can to make your holiday unforgettable. 

We thought we’d introduce you to some of our colleagues – helping you to put a friendly face to the voice on the phone or the person online!

Role: Web Support Advisor 

How long have you worked for Holiday Hypermarket?

20 years 

What do you do in your role? 

It’s very busy and varied, but the main focus is answering online chats and assisting customers with their bookings. We also look after replies on our Holiday Hypermarket Facebook page and Twitter account. Make sure you give us a follow!

Have you had any previous roles with us?

I started my travel journey in the sales team back in 2003! I spent a few years on the web support team before joining the marketing team for a number of years. In 2019 I moved back over to the web support team – I much prefer being in a customer facing role. 

What do you love about your job?

Although it can be challenging at times (especially through Covid!) I love my role and I’m so lucky to have travelled the world thanks to my job.  

What’s the best hotel you’ve stayed in?

I can say one of my favourite hotels was TUI BLUE Sensatori Barut in Fethiye, Turkey. We had the luxury of a swim-up room and the facilities and food quality at this hotel are amazing. I’m looking forward to visiting the Maldives in November to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary and we’ve chosen the TUI BLUE Olhuveli Romance Island hotel – it looks out of this world. We’ve even gone for an overwater villa and private pool, for that added luxury!

Tell us a little about a good memory of yours of working for Holiday Hypermarket…

I work with an incredible team where teamwork is at the forefront of everything we do and throughout the years, we’ve not only worked together, we’ve travelled together and partied together. The parties I can’t say too much about!

Any top tips or advice when it comes to holidays/travel? 

Be as flexible as possible when it comes to booking your holiday – always try and widen your search to fly from different airports if you can. 

I would also look for odd durations such as 9/11/12 nights. These durations are often available when we change holiday seasons (April and October) and there are some top deals to be found around this time. 

My top travel tip would be to pack an electrical extension lead – this way, you can charge all those important devices without needing numerous travel plugs. 

Role: Mark, Sales Agent

How long have you worked for Holiday Hypermarket?

Coming up to 8 years!

What do you do in your role? 

I find and book holidays for customers 😊 It’s my job to bring the customers’ holiday to life.

What do you love about your job?

Having worked on cruise ships and overseas in my twenties, I love the fact that I can now do a job at home that I love as much as I did when I was travelling. 

I love finding new and exciting places/hotels for customers to enjoy, and I also love it when a customer hasn’t cruised before and I book them their first one. And of course, enjoying the perks I get too – like holiday educationals abroad!

What’s your favourite holiday destination you’ve been to? 

I have a few! Vegas – just because it is like nowhere else I have ever been in my life. Plus, I got to see Janet Jackson in concert, the Grand Canyon, Freemont street and all the amazing hotels over there. It’s just something else!

Greece, because it’s just so beautiful and the people are so friendly – and the food is to die for! And Mexico, Cancun is just incredible.

Tell us a little about a good memory of yours of working for Holiday Hypermarket…

It’s difficult to pick one, with all the amazing opportunities I have had working for Holiday Hypermarket – from sailing on the biggest cruise ship in the world with Royal Caribbean, swimming in the dead sea in Israel onboard a Marella ship, the endless cruise visits & mini breaks, up close with elephants in Thailand, the TUI conference in Turkey…all unreal experiences! We are so lucky to get to experience what we sell to our customers, so we can really bring the holiday to life.

I also did the Marella Cruises’ Electric Sunset 90’s cruise with some of the girls from the office, which was just hilarious from start to finish. If you love cruising and 90’s music, then it’s definitely for you! Fancy dress every night, watching your favourite 90’s bands – from 5ive to B*witched. It was the funniest weekend and I’m so pleased it’s back for 2024!

Here’s a little tip for you, though – always double check the meeting point when you get off at the port. We didn’t in Bruges, and we got lost – we missed the transfer back to the ship, and had to get our own taxi there. Not a moment I want to relive, ha! But I can look back now and laugh.

But honestly, the Holiday Hypermarket team, whether you work in admin, customer services, sales, marketing, and regardless of what your role is, everyone gets on and supports one another. We literally are like one big family.

Any top tips or advice when it comes to holidays/travel? 

I always take a hat – being bald man myself, I must protect my head from the sun. And a waterproof phone cover is always a good shout – I love taking photos, and it simply goes round your neck and keeps your phone dry and safe.

Role: CRM & Content Manager

What do you do in your role? 

My role as CRM & content manager is essentially to be the wizard behind the curtain of all those snazzy emails you receive from Holiday Hypermarket, as well as managing the talented team behind the captivating website copy and social media posts that whisk customers away to their dream destinations.

How long have you worked for Holiday Hypermarket?

I’m coming up to 10 years in my second stint at Holiday Hypermarket. I originally spent two years in the web marketing team around 2006 – 2007 before I left to challenge myself in other roles for a few years. I eventually returned in 2013 for what is starting to look like a life sentence! 

What do you love about your job?

The best thing about working at Holiday Hypermarket is the people. Although we’re part of TUI Group, one of the world’s leading tourism businesses, the Holiday Hypermarket team is a close-knit group. While we continue to grow and thrive there are still lots of people that have been here right from the start and we all feel very strongly and passionately committed to the success of the business. It’s our baby and we all want to look after it, and that creates a great team ethic.

The other brilliant thing about working for Holiday Hypermarket is of course that holidays are a really exciting thing to work with. I think it’s nice for everyone that works here to think that it’s our job to help create fantastic memories for our customers. There are certainly worse things to sell. Although, it can be a blessing and a curse sometimes to spend all day looking at beautiful hotels in sunny destinations. It really makes you want to book a holiday, even if you’ve just come back. 

What’s your favourite holiday destination you’ve been to?

I’m slightly ashamed to say I’m not as well-travelled as I probably should be for someone that’s worked in travel for as long as I have, but the place I would most happily return to is Ibiza. ‘The White Isle’ is just a really nice island, with some lovely beaches hidden in little sandy coves and lots of great towns and resorts. It’s world renowned for its party atmosphere of course, but there’s also a laid-back, tranquil, almost mystical side to Ibiza that somehow coexists with its legendary nightlife. I just love that blend of trendy, cultural style and wild, natural beauty. As an added bonus, it’s only a short flight from the UK.

Tell us a little about a good memory of yours of working for Holiday Hypermarket…

My best memories of working at Holiday Hypermarket are when we’ve had the chance to enjoy some of the perks of working for a big travel company, like visiting some of the fabulous hotels we sell, and enjoying conferences overseas. My very best memories are from one of the ‘shakedown cruises’ I went on, which is where they let TUI employees test out the facilities on a new Marella Cruises ship right before the first paying passengers get onboard. The launch of Marella Explorer 2 turned into a non-stop party, and there were a lot of laughs throughout our three nights on the cruise. Needless to say, when you get a big bunch of travel enthusiasts on board a cruise ship and throw a launch party with fireworks, DJs and live acts, it makes for a pretty lively atmosphere.

Any top tips or advice when it comes to holidays/travel? 

I wouldn’t really be doing my job if I didn’t say that you should look out for the best last minute holiday bargains at Holiday Hypermarket! But my other tip would be to also be as nice as you can to the staff members in hotels and resorts, as they work incredibly hard to make your holiday enjoyable. Try to learn a few phrases in the local language too, even if it’s just to say ‘hello’, ‘good morning’ or ‘thank you’, as I think it’s always appreciated that you make the effort and I think it helps you to appreciate the experience more if you’re using the lingo. 


We’re always hyped to take you on holiday…

So, there’s a little insight into the people behind the scenes at Holiday Hypermarket! We’re a close-knit bunch who love what we do, and we’re so happy to have spent the last 20 years helping our lovely customers on amazing holidays. Here’s to the next 20!

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