India’s E-Visa Reinstated For British Travellers

It has been announced that the use of e-visas for entry to India has been reinstated, meaning your travels to this wonderful part of the world will be made much easier from now on.

When was the use of e-visas for India halted?

The use of e-visas for India initially came into force in 2014, but they were all halted in 2020, throughout the pandemic. In March 2021, the use of e-visas was restored to a list of 156 countries, but this list did not include the UK. This meant that all India visa applications from UK nationals had to be made via a paper visa. As you can imagine, this extra step made it harder for many travellers to plan and make their journeys to India.

When was the announcement made that e-visas have been reinstated in the UK?

The announcement from the High Commission of India about the e-visa reinstatement came on December 6th, and it’s said that there is a new and improved system that should be ready to take visa applications soon.

A video was shared showing the Indian High Commissioner, Vikram K Doraiswami, saying: “We are rolling out e-visas once again and this service will be available to you forthwith. We are looking forward to a good winter season.”

We recommend you keep your eye on the Indian High Commission website for more details. You can also read through the government advice for travellers to India for further information.

Want to plan a trip to India?

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Now it’s easier for UK nationals to travel to India, there’s nothing stopping you having a relaxed and luxurious break in this fascinating country. View our deals here and get ready to pack your cases!