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Where To Find The Most Infamous Hotels

We love the idea of sharing Johnny Depp’s pillow at night. However not all celebs use their hotel rooms just to get their heads down during their busy schedules. Here’s a list of the top hotels, infamous for alleged crazy celeb behaviour.

1. Adlon Kempinski Hotel – Berlin, Germany

This is the hotel Michael Jackson danced a ‘balcony waltz’ with then 9 month old Prince Michael ll. Not only was this stunt an insight into the bizarre life of the King of Pop, but it also catapulted the hotel right into the lime light. The luxury hotel in the heart of Berlin has people checking in from all over the world but probably not to stay in the majestic suite as it costs a whopping $16,000 a night!

Adlon Kempinski Hotel


2. The Mark Hotel – New York City, New York

Johnny Depp and then girlfriend Kate Moss checked in to this hotel in September 1994. After an alleged dispute Depp trashed the hotel suite and was arrested. Despite being made to pay the hotel $10,000 in damages, it’s been reported that the hotel manager has now actually thanked Johnny Depp for the publicity.

Jhonny Depp et Marion Cotillard pour l'avant première de Public Enemies
Johnny Depp

3. Savoy hotel – London, England

Here, the famous artist Claude Monet went berserk in his Savoy suite thanks to the beautiful riverside view. Staying here for 6 months, he went on to produce over 70 pieces of work that were the direct inspiration of the London scenery he saw from his Savoy room window.

Savoy Hotel, London

4. Mena House Hotel – Cairo, Egypt

In 1943 amidst World War ll, Winston Churchill checked in to this hotel to hold a very important meeting. It was here that he planned operation Overcord with Field Montgomery, later know as D Day. It was reported that Churchill slept with his curtains open so that he could admire the Pyramids looming in the distance.

Mena House Hotel, Egypt

 5. The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

Stephen King and his family stayed at this supposedly haunted hotel in 1973. His family stayed in room 217 and it was here that he found inspiration to write one of his most famous novels The Shining. This room is reportedly haunted by a chambermaid that sometimes likes to pack guests suitcases! You can stay in this spooky room 217 if you dare, but as this hotel is booked months in advance we’d advise you to make a reservation early.

The Stanley Hotel

6. The Oriental Penthouse – Bangkok, Thailand

Billy Idol made headline news whilst staying at this hotel in 1989. He allegedly had a party in his penthouse suite, where he set about demolishing furniture and reducing TVs to rubble, while spilling all different liquids on the carpets. After racking up a huge bill of $250,000 for his party and damage to the room, he also refused to leave.

Billy Idol

7. Sunset Tower Hotel – California

This hotel opened its doors in 1931 and has been a firm favourite with celebrities ever since. Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes and John Wayne all lived in the hotel’s penthouse at different times. John Wayne apparently once brought a cow up to the penthouse, explaining to guests that if they wanted cream with their coffees, they couldn’t get fresher than this! But just how did he get that cow in the lift?

Sunset Tower hotel

So if you’re looking for a brush with fame instead of mints on a pillow for your next holiday then these hotels are a must.

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Adlon Kempinski Hotel by Wojsyl

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Mena House Hotel by Paul Mannix

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Billy Idol by Possan

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Sunset Tower Hotel by Los Angeles