Where’s Hot In November?

Winter holidays can be just what the doctor ordered, especially when it’s really chilly here in the UK. But one of the most important things to holidaymakers when searching for their perfect winter sun destination is of course, where is HOT! 


Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite places when we get asked ‘where’s hot in November?’


Cape Verde



The Cape Verde Islands are a 10-island, mid-Atlantic archipelago and is a great place for a winter holiday thanks to the year-round glorious temperatures. The two most popular islands to visit for a sunny getaway are Sal and Boa Vista, both are filled with stunning views and beautiful beaches.  


In November, the average daily maximum temperature for Cape Verde is around 29C, which is pretty toasty compared to the icy conditions we usually experience back at home! Thanks to the beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Cape Verde’s islands have you feeling like you’ve booked yourself a fancy Caribbean break but at a fraction of the price. 


Whether you’re looking for an adults-only escape, or a fun-filled family getaway, there’s a wide range of hotels to choose from on both Sal and Boa Vista. Both islands offer similar excursions and activities but Boa Vista is our favourite for turtle spotting! By November, the turtles should have hatched and made their way to sea so you probably won’t spot them on the sands but you might catch a glimpse of them during a boat tour! We think Sal is a great island for watersports. As the winds start to pick up between November and March, this is the perfect time to head to the waves and try a spot of windsurfing!





When you think of Egypt, you can’t help but think of endless sands and scorching temperatures, so it’s not hard to see why it’s made our list for our favourite sunbathing spots in November. Egypt has a rich history and it’s a great place to visit if you like to immerse yourself in new cultures and learn more about them. 


The average maximum temperature for Egypt in November is around 29C, which is definitely warm enough to enjoy the cooling waters of your hotel pool, or soaking up the rays on the sandy shores. If the thought of tourist filled beaches isn’t for you, then you don’t need to worry. Luxor and Marsa Alam are great places to visit to grab a quieter spot by the sea.


Unsurprisingly, Egypt is a great country for history buffs to visit. There’s no end to the fascinating sights that give us a glimpse of what Egypt was like in times gone by. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and so much more, definitely worth a visit to say you’ve seen a piece of history with your own eyes! Egypt is also a fantastic location for a spot of snorkelling and diving! The Red Sea is home to protected, unspoilt reefs that are bursting with sea life. Clownfish, turtles and the odd octopus are just a few of the marine life you’ll find under the water here.  





It wouldn’t be a winter holiday blog without having a stunning Caribbean island would it! Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and it’s where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet. Holidays to Cuba boast luxurious white beaches along the coast, while inland you’ll find a landscape of rugged mountains and miles of untouched countryside.


In November, you can expect average highs of 31C which is certainly warm enough for you to be the envy of your friends and family back at home. When you need a break from the toasty temperatures, you’ll be welcomed by your hotel’s cooling pool, or you can even dip your toes in the turquoise blue sea. 


One of the wonders of a Cuba holiday is certainly its quirky capital, Havana. Old Havana is a piece of history and all the images you previously held of brightly coloured, paint peeled buildings with locals sitting in doorways smoking cigars come to life. Vintage cars are a staple here too, and you can even hire one to drive around and explore your surroundings. Santiago is said to be the hottest, most colourful and musical city, it’s rich in colonial history and is the educational centre of Cuba – the cultural capital of Cuba as some call it. Santiago is certainly a spot to add on your holiday itinerary when visiting Cuba. 





There’s a lot to take in on Thailand holidays. From the busy streets of the capital Bangkok and neon lights of Phuket at night, to iconic beaches, idyllic islands and phenomenal natural landscapes in quiet villages. Thailand holiday packages are sure to provide a base that has the right pace for you. 


In November, you’re treated to average maximum temperatures of 31C meaning no matter whether you want to explore the island or relax in the rays, the sun is on your side! If you don’t choose an all inclusive package in Thailand, you can be sure to find plenty of tasty restaurants in and around where you’re staying. The country is packed full of street food choices too, so it doesn’t always have to be a sit down meal.


Depending on what activities you’re looking to do will help you decide on the best place for you to stay in Thailand. Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, is known for its nightlife and party scene. Patong and Phuket City are the main places to go for your nightlife fix. Thanks to Krabi’s clear waters, it’s a snorkelling hot-spot! You can even take climbing lessons up the towering limestone cliffs that edge the coastline. 


Costa Rica



Costa Rica is a place of rich natural beauty, from its long, deserted beaches to the lush rainforest and volcanic interior. Nestled between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is a Spanish-speaking country with plenty of Mexican influence. It has coasts on the Pacific to the west and Caribbean to the east, both boasting excellent stretches of sand and clear, warm water. 


November marks the end of the rainy season in Costa Rica, and you can expect temperature highs of 31C. With the sunshine, brings the chance to explore every corner of this beautiful country’s contrasting landscapes. No matter where you choose to stay here, a holiday to Costa Rica really is the relaxing, tranquil retreat we’re all craving. 


In order to preserve Costa Rica’s beautiful natural environment, its government has formed national conservation areas, including over 100 national parks, biological reserves and wildlife refuges. In the north-western area near Playa Hermosa and Tamarindo are Parque Nacionals Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Palo Verde and Rincon de la Vieja. Playa Tamarindo is perhaps the liveliest place to stay in Costa Rica and you’ll be in the company of surfers who make the most of the waves here. There are some good jewellery and clothes shops, as well as a central plaza that houses bars and one nightclub. 





Maybe not your conventional holiday destination, but Goa is a fantastic choice when it comes to winter holiday destinations. Up until 1961, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for around 450 years, so its blend of western and eastern culture is unique and still very apparent today. For keen history buffs and those who love to explore different cultures, holidays to Goa are exceptional because a rich history and culture means there’s plenty to learn.


Temperatures can reach up to 34C in Goa in November, so if you’re up for a toasty getaway, this is a great choice. One of the main attractions in Goa is of course the golden sand beaches where you’ll find everything from relaxing sunbathing hot spots to some seriously late-night parties.


Goa isn’t your average nightlife spot, and we aren’t just saying that. We can think of few places with as varied an after-hours selection as the all-night parties and neon-lit clubs found in Goa. A former hippy haven, its peace-and-love roots are still going strong with laid-back beach parties that extend well into the night. By day you can enjoy everything from alluring local markets to sampling authentic Indian cuisine. It really does make for the perfect holiday destination. 


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