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Cheap Holiday Outside Of The Eurozone

The main reason my husband and I chose to holiday in Sunny Beach last August to save money. Bulgaria still uses levs as its currency, rather than the expensive Euro, so our funds would go further. We stayed in a lovely little apartment not far from the beach that had a lovely pool. The beach at Sunny Beach is actually so sunny! The stretch of sand was one of the longest I’ve ever seens, and it was so scenic too.

Although it was busy, the beach didn’t feel crowded and there were plenty of sun beds and parasols for hire, and they didn’t cost too much either. We came across plenty of sandy dunes providing secluded coves where you can chill out and enjoy the sun in private. The beach is really clean and the sea is so blue. There was a range of water sports available too.

The longest, cleanest beach!

I loved the parasailing and jet skis while my husband tried and failed to water-ski. We went on holiday as a couple, but noticed there was plenty to do for children. For example, we saw parks, a rodeo and a funfair.

There were plenty of restaurants around resort. Chilly Pepper, and eatery on the main strip, was our favourite. The staff were really friendly and the service was superb. We sampled the traditional mehanas that was served accompanied by shopska salad and copious amounts of alcohol, which was warmly welcomed!

The Viking Bar was always a really popular venue in which to drink on an evening. Its cocktail menu was to die for. Yeates Bar was another fab place to drink. Plenty of bars hosted happy hours that actually lasted most of the night.

We did a few excursions whilst in Bulgaria. The Khan Tent trip was one of our favourites. We booked through our tour operator, giving us the peace of mind in knowing they are a reputable company. The tent wasn’t what we were expecting. It was so striking, especially against the surrounding landscape with some incredible views of the surrounding coastline. We had a meal, which was a little surreal due to the waiters all wearing period costumes! The food was so delicious and the wine kept on flowing throughout the evening. The meal was then followed by a really entertaining folk and floor show. We also took a chairlift to the top of Blue Mountain where we had lunch whilst admiring the breathtaking view of the mountain range. The day before we boarded the plane home, we took a boat trip to Nessebar, a magnificent old town that is protected by UNESCO. Because Bulgaria isn’t yet part of the Eurozone we did end up having a very cheap holiday, and we’d recommend Sunny Beach to anyone because there are things to do for people of all ages.

Mrs B Fluff, Belfast