7 Things To Know If You’re New To Long-Haul

7 Things To Know If You’re New To Long-Haul

Have you always wondered what it would be like jetting off to exotic destinations like the Caribbean, the USA or Thailand, but never had the chance? It’s totally normal to feel a little daunted by the concept alongside being excited – these flights take at least six to seven hours, so it’s a long journey to embark on. Even so, going on a long-haul holiday is one of the most exciting and fascinating things you’ll ever do!

Take a look at our seven top things to know if you’re flying long-haul for the first time…

The aircrafts are designed for long flights

It can be a worry that on a long-haul flight, you’ll be stuck in what feels like a small space for a substantial amount of time. However, the planes that you’ll travel in on a long-haul journey are designed specifically to be able to fly great distances and keep passengers totally comfortable throughout. They’re built for purpose and give passengers a smooth and stable journey to their destination.

One of our favourite aircrafts for faraway flying is TUI’s 787 Dreamliner. It’s a fuel-efficient aircraft that’s got larger seats and bigger windows (around 30% bigger than average!) for more than 300 happy passengers. This, along with the wonderful Dreamliner cabin crew, makes a TUI long-haul flight a truly enjoyable experience.

You’ll have great in-flight entertainment

Worried about passing the time from your plane seat? There’s no need, as the vast majority of aircrafts will offer you endless entertainment on one handy screen, right in front of your eyes. You’ll be able to browse a range of films and TV shows, listen to a diverse selection of music, play fun, interactive games and even track the progress of your flight on a live map.

To many people, medium-haul or even short-haul flying can induce some anxiety. However, with on-screen entertainment and magazines to flick through on your journey, you’ll find yourself forgetting you’re sailing above the clouds and you’ll simply start to enjoy the experience.

You can get hot weather all year round

This benefit speaks for itself! Who doesn’t love escaping the dreary and unpredictable British weather to get some sizzling sunshine any time they need it? Much of the time, the longest flights take you to the hottest destinations, so keep your mind open if you’re someone who’s never flown long-haul but loves to get their fix of sun.

Some of our favourite destinations for year-round sunshine include Thailand, Jamaica and Florida. All three of these countries offer so much for visitors, from beautiful beaches and luxurious 5-star resorts to world-renowned hospitality and tonnes of culture and entertainment to soak up. You just can’t go wrong!

You get great value for your money

Naturally, you pay more for longer flights. However, the value for money often comes in when you land at your destination. For example, we LOVE visiting Thailand as it’s so cheap for holiday essentials such as food, drinks and taxi fares. Taxis in Thailand are actually up to 70% cheaper than in some of our popular European holiday spots! What you spend on your flight, you save on your spending money.

Some long-haul destinations are a little more expensive than Thailand, but this is where All Inclusive hotels come in and add tonnes of value to your getaway. When you consider how much money you would normally spend for your whole party to have all they can eat and drink for the full duration of your holiday, our All Inclusive deals are a steal!

In-flight refreshments are often complimentary

When you’re on a journey that could potentially take up to 24 hours to complete (taking into account travel to and from airports and time zone changes etc.) you’re going to need refreshments. You will, as standard, be provided meals appropriate to your time of flight on your journey, and they’re much more appetising these days than you might think!

As well as complimentary in-flight meals, you can expect to receive several drinks throughout the flight. This will depend on your chosen airline – some provide unlimited drinks, and others simply offer drinks at meal times. Either way, if you’re feeling apprehensive about your first long-haul journey, there’s nothing like a complimentary glass of wine or your favourite spirit to calm your nerves!

You’ll experience cultures worlds away from our own

The cultures you’ll discover the further you fly across the globe are fascinating. A holiday to a faraway country will offer completely new experiences, cuisine, entertainment and education. If you’re hoping your next big holiday will introduce you to a different lifestyle as well as giving you some sun, you won’t be disappointed with long-haul flying.

One of our favourite spots to take in rich culture and delicious food is Mexico. When you visit Mexico, you can expect colourful fiestas, lively folk dancing, mariachi bands and flavoursome feasts. It has gorgeous white sands you can laze on for days along with plenty of tourist activities, but your visit to Mexico simply isn’t complete without experiencing the wonderful, vibrant culture.

The world is your oyster

Finally, let your imagination run wild because the world is your oyster! There is a whole planet out there just waiting for you to explore. Think of your biggest, dreamiest holiday aspiration and ask yourself: why not? Get inspired with our best deals for long-haul holidays and check out our top tips for saving on getaways that are that bit more extravagant. You won’t regret it!

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