How To Save Money On Long-Haul Holidays

How To Save Money On Long-Haul Holidays

Going on long-haul holidays can be costly, depending on where you’re going and what you want out of your trip. Those few extra hours on the plane really do make a difference though! You’re often more likely to enjoy hot weather, you’ll be able to experience cultures worlds away from our own and you could be visiting some of the top resorts in the world. Everyone deserves to go long-haul at some point, so we’ve put together some handy tips for faraway holidays that are great value for money!

Adjust your holiday length by a day or two

When you’re searching for a cheap long-haul holiday, adjust your dates by a day or two. For example, try searching for a package for eight days instead of a week, or 13 nights instead of 14. Quite often, the price for an extra night will be next to nothing or the savings for staying one night less will be significant. Being that bit more flexible with your dates and length of holiday could substantially help you out in the long run!

Compare deals from different departure airports

We all have a select few airports we’re generally happy to travel to and fly from. However, the ones nearest to us may not necessarily be the ones with the cheapest deals. For example, you may be looking for a holiday to the Dominican Republic and your nearest airport may be the most convenient. However, there may be cheaper deals flying to the Dominican from an airport that’s an hour or two further away from you. If you’re going for an all inclusive holiday in a tropical country thousands of miles away and really want to grab yourself a bargain, it’s worth travelling that little bit further to the airport and spending less on your holiday.

Be open-minded about when you travel

Naturally, there are peak seasons to visit certain destinations depending on when you want to travel. Whilst there are ‘better’ times to visit, many of our favourite long-haul destinations have hot sun and white sands in spades at any given time of the year! You could make great savings on your holiday simply by visiting your chosen destination when it’s a few weeks out of its peak season. Some of our favourite destinations for year-round sunshine include Jamaica, Mexico and Thailand.

Look out for deals and discount codes

Before you find your dream destination for a long-haul romantic beach getaway, action-packed city break or fun family holiday, take a look for some deals and discount codes. You never know what kind of amazing savings you might find! We keep all our active codes for package holidays in one handy place – click here to view.

Save money by booking a package holiday

Holiday-makers can really get stung when it comes to add-ons. This is one of the great things about booking your sunny, sandy beach holiday as a package – you’re not at risk of coming across hidden costs late in your booking journey. Our booking conditions state that all our packages include your flights, baggage, transfers and accommodation, and everything is covered by an ATOL scheme. This means your holiday will be as easy, safe and stress-free as possible!

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A final note to holiday-makers…

Regardless of whether you’re flying long-haul or short-haul, we’d like to give a small reminder to always check your passport and visa information (if needed) before you travel. Since the pandemic and the introduction of Brexit, the conditions of the old UK passports have changed – see our handy guide explaining this change here. Many people have found themselves heading off to board their flights with a passport that’s expired, so be vigilant and check all your relevant documents before packing up for your holiday.

Ready for a long-haul adventure? Check out our latest deals and find your perfect package.

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