7 Amazing Photos To Take In Cape Verde

7 Amazing Photos To Take In Cape Verde

The best thing about coming home from any holiday is reliving the memories through all the wonderful photographs you’ve taken. If, like us, you just love to get the perfect shot on holiday, add Cape Verde to your to-visit list! It has as many gorgeous photo opportunities as it does beautiful beaches. Here are some of our favourites…

The Santa Maria Shipwreck

You can get endless perfect pictures on the enchanting beaches of Cape Verde. One that will stick out from the rest, though, is the photo you get of the shipwreck on Santa Maria beach, which reached the island in the 60s. It’s not every day you get to see an actual washed up shipwreck on a desert island, so getting your camera out for the occasion is a must! Some locals believe the huge, rusting wreck will have fully collapsed in a matter of years, so your next holiday may well be your last chance to snap the perfect shot.

The Volcanic Landscapes of Pico Do Fogo

Pico Do Fogo is an active volcano (one of the most active in the Atlantic) and the highest peak in the Cape Verde Islands and West Africa. Needless to say, it provides a pretty epic photo opportunity! The jet-black slopes of the mountain and the ashy terrain surrounding it stand out incredibly before a backdrop of bold blue sky. Any photo you take of these spectacular volcanic landscapes will likely be one to frame!

The Blue Eye Cave in Buracona

Feeling adventurous? Head out to the Blue Eye Cave in Sal for the most enviable photo opps. The clue is in the name with this one – it’s a gorgeous pool naturally formed in lava rocks, tucked away and filled with magical blue and turquoise waters that twinkle in the sunlight. Once you’ve marvelled at its beauty and snapped some pics, you can head to the nearby restaurant for a delicious bite to eat with breath-taking views. A great day to be had all round!

Sunsets Over Sand Dunes

If you’re looking for things to do in Cape Verde, don’t overlook the sand dunes in Boa Vista – they’re simply stunning. They make up the Viana Desert, which seems to roll on for miles! At any time of day, you can capture a unique and dramatic photo here. However, it’s especially beautiful as the sun sets over the sea of sand. Your camera will love the kaleidoscope of colours dancing across the dunes as a sunny island day draws to a close. It’s a view unlike any other and makes for a breath-taking piece of photography!

Kite Beach in Sal

There are so many popular beaches in Cape Verde, but none quite so niche as this one. That picturesque image of a heavenly beach with golden sand and rippling waves has an added splash of colour, thanks to the many kite surfers who flock to this spot for its ideal conditions for water sports. Not only are these surfers fascinating to watch, but they make for a fabulous photo! You can expect to see kites of all colours, shapes and sizes at different heights in the sky off the island of Sal. Get your cameras at the ready!

Striking Black Sand Beaches

One of the wonders of the island of Fogo is its phenomenal black sand beaches, which make for an unusual and striking photograph. The active volcano on the island contributes to the jet black hues of the sand and its stark contrast with the sea that rolls onto it. You can find the most famous beach below the town of Sao Filipe and there are some brilliant viewpoints to snap from. It may not be the typical beach holiday vision, but it’s one you’ll remember forever!

Panoramic Views Over Paul Valley

Holidays to Cape Verde are typically quite relaxed and serene. However, if you fancy adding a little excitement to your trip, we’d recommend grabbing your camera and heading to the luscious, green landscape of Paul Valley on Santo Antão. It’s been described as a valley lost in time, and venturing through it really does feel magical. There are some astonishing sights you’ll see in the valley, from colourful crops to playful goat kids. Make sure you’ve got plenty of memory as you’ll snap hundreds of photos on your journey!

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