10 Reasons to Visit La Palma

Everyone knows its big sisters – Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria – but how many people can say they’ve been to lovely La Palma

If you’ve never discovered this hidden gem of a Canary Island, take a read at these top 10 reasons why it should be next on your holiday hit list…


1. Appreciate a lesser known Canary Island

Along with El Hierro and La Gomera, it’s definitely one of the lesser known Canary Islands, meaning you get all the benefits of a Canary Island adventure – beautiful black sand beaches, wonderful weather and stunning landscapes – but with one massive bonus. Less crowds!

Forget streets with masses of people and overcrowded restaurants, bars and beaches – this island escape will have a much more secluded feel to it.

2. Amazing all year round weather

There’s never a bad time to head to La Palma! With sizzling hot summers and wonderfully warm winters, this Canary island is perfect to escape to all year round.

The southern region of La Palma is usually hot and dry, whereas the North has more rainfall (albeit it not a lot) – making for the stunning sprouting of pretty plant life and greenery. 

The average temperature doesn’t drop below 18 degrees celsius at any point in the year, making it a no brainer to escape the chilly temperatures back home. In summer you’ll see highs of 30 degrees or higher, thanks to hot air that blows in from the Sahara from June until August. Sea temperatures are toasty too – perfect for that refreshing dip!


3. The friendliest of people

The people of this island know how to get you in the island mood! The infectious energy of the people here will lift your mood from the moment you arrive – whether that’s your smiling hotel staff or the cocktail vendor by the beach.

The people of La Palma know how to make you feel welcome – more than that in fact, make you feel at home. They’ll invite you in, treat you, and make sure your La Palma holiday leaves you with lasting memories for a lifetime.


4. Outdoor activities for days

La Palma’s landscapes are simply stunning, and there’s a multitude of ways to soak it all in – on foot, on bike, in the sky – the options are endless!

Whether you’re normally super active or not, everyone will love getting out and about on this island. From taking a walk through lush greenery to hiking up dramatic hillsides, your efforts will be rewarded with unbelievable views at every turn. 

Hop on a bike and whizz around in no time, or take to the sky and go paragliding – the views from the sky above the sea are nothing short of spectacular. 

5. Star gazing

Home to the clearest skies in Europe, La Palma is the place to be for out-of-this-world stargazing. Up in the very peaks of La Palma at 2,400 metres high, are clusters of domes housing some of the world’s biggest telescopes – including the famous Gran Telescopio Canarias, one of the biggest observatories in the world.

A star gazing tour on La Palma will be an experience that stays with you forever – this opportunity to look out at the vast universe twinkling above will leave you humbled and with a sense of gratitude. La Palma’s clear skies, high altitude and low light pollution make it one of the best spots in the world to feel at one with the stars.

6. Endless camera opportunities 

Seriously – prepare to snap some seriously pretty pics. No matter whether you’re high up in the mountains or on a beautiful black sand beach, the stunning scenery around you will make you snap happy in no time.

Add landscapes like these to stunning sunsets or the serene hues of the break of day, and you’ll find your holiday photos have been taken to a whole new level. The Caldera de Taburiente National Park is home to a massive volcanic crater surrounded by high peaks, pine forests and trickling waterfalls and is not to be missed. It’s like something out of a fairytale.


7. Rest and relaxation at its finest

If you’re hoping for a break to truly relax and unwind and the Canary Islands are on the cards, then La Palma is a no brainer.

You won’t find bustling crowds and busy streets teaming with traffic here – quite far from it. The quietness and calmness of La Palma is by far one of its biggest draws, being much less busy than its Canary Island sisters.

You’ll feel a sense of peace and contentment everywhere you go, and island life is truly in full swing here – so take it easy, sit back, and soak it all in.

8. Marvellous marine life

Did you know La Palma is a protected Biosphere Reserve? This means it’s an area where locals work hard to conserve and protect the wildlife, habitats and environment. This means the coastal waters here run crystal clear, and make it a great spot to soak up the island’s marine life.

Head on a boat trip from La Palma and you could spot anything from sea turtles to flying fish, not to mention dolphins and pilot whales! You’ll feel at one with nature on this island – it works hard to foster a harmonious ecosystem of both people and nature.


9. Canary culture fix

If you’ve been to other Canary Islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, you’ve probably had a taste of Canary Island culture. La Palma may be a quieter island, but it still has so much heritage on offer!

Visit the impressive Iglesia del Salvador, one of the island’s largest and most impressive churches, and be wowed by dazzling stained glass windows and the intricate 16th century wooden ceiling, considered to be one of the best examples of Islamic-style architecture works across all of the Canaries. 

10. Fantastic food

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the fantastic food on offer! A stay in the likes of La Lonja will serve up an amazing mix of Canarian and Spanish cuisine, from flavour–packed paella dishes to tapas boards of roasted cheese and fresh fish.

Along the waterfront you’ll spot the picturesque old houses that have been converted into upmarket restaurants for you to enjoy, and if you’re really into your grub, you simply have to visit Mercado Muncipal. The largest market on the island, you’ll be tucking into all kinds of Canarian delicacies. Your taste buds are in for a treat! 


Ready to get a taste of La Palma?

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