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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bulgaria

From sun and sand to snow-covered mountains, All Inclusive Bulgaria holidays have so much to offer. Here are some reasons that will have you booking your trip to this diverse Balkan nation.

It’s cheap

If you’ve heard anything about this place then it’s probably about the ridiculously low prices. Holidaymakers flock to Bulgaria because it is the best value for money. Although it’s a European country, Bulgaria hasn’t adopted the Euro – instead, favouring the Bulgarian Lev.

No one’s complaining when you can have a great night out with your friends along the Sunny Beach strip without breaking the bank!

The food

Mousakka, tarator and banista are all traditional Bulgarian cuisine but the national dish is called shopska salata – simply known to us as Bulgarian salad – the cold dish is popular throughout Bulgaria and parts of Central Europe. Typically, the dish is eaten by locals at around midday as a full meal or as a side dish to accompany your evening meal.

The salad is made with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, onions, raw or cooked peppers, sirene cheese and parsley. We highly recommend trying this tasty dish while relaxing by the pool in Bulgaria.

The culture

No matter where you travel you can find a wide range of fascinating traditions. However, Bulgaria is home to some fairly strange customs.

Baba Marta is the mythical old lady who, in Bulgarian, represents the month of March. Each year on the 1st March the country will be decorated with hundreds of bundles of red and white yarn called martenistas. The tradition consists of tying martenistas to trees and rocks to welcome spring and giving them to your friends or family to bring them good luck during the month.

The locals also celebrate Kukeri at the end of January. Hundreds of men and young boys dressed in costumes are seen jumping and dancing through the streets to scare away the evil spirits.

Never mind scaring the spirits away, the creepy costumes are enough to scare anyone!

The beaches

Sunny Beach is the most popular – and biggest – beach in Bulgaria. Miles of fine sand and clear waters stretch along the coastline enticing tourists to spend a day relaxing by the sea.

If the bustling scene of Sunny Beach isn’t for you, head to Sozopol with its soft sand beaches and natural sand dunes. Here you can enjoy the merging scents of the sea and a profuse green forest as the beach borders a huge forest.

The Seven Rila Lakes

Bulgaria is home to the Seven Rila Lakes known as sedemte rilski ezera to locals. The cluster of lakes can be found in the North Western Rila Mountains. The highest lake – named The Tear – is famous for its crystalline waters which allow you to see into the depths of the lake.  Each lake is connected by small streams which over time have formed tiny waterfalls.

Peak visiting times are July and August as the popular attraction freezes over in October and doesn’t melt until June. If you’re looking to see inspiring natural beauty then this is definitely the place to go.

Things to do

Fancy a more adventurous day out? Or maybe you’re looking for a more relaxing day out so you can shop ‘til you drop? Well, Bulgaria has you covered with a multitude of things to keep you occupied.

Bulgaria is home to multiple waterparks where families can spend the day splashing through pools and enjoying the slides in each park. Two of the main waterparks are situated in Bourgas and Verna. Each park welcomes thousands of visitors all enjoying their visit splashing around in water with the sun shining on their backs.

If the waterparks aren’t the place for your then spend the day in Kableshkovo and visit the market. Here you can find fresh produce, souvenirs, fabrics and Bulgarian wine. After you’ve visited the market you can spend the evening strolling around the sea garden park taking in the beautiful sites.

If the sun, sea and sand don’t take your fancy, head to the snowy mountains of Bulgaria this winter and go skiing!





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