A Guide to the Best Spanish Festivals

Spain is renowned for its lavish party scene, and when it comes to annual festivals, things are no different.

The parties spill into the streets, with colourful getups, detailed floats and parades that seem to extend for days. Each city is privy to its own unique celebrations, but there are some that are nationwide, and others that are just too wild to ignore.


Historically, Carnival has been a celebration across the world where people get all their partying out of the way before buckling down for Lent.

Las Falles

This popular celebration takes place in Spain’s Valencia region, honouring Saint Joseph and the arrival of spring. Artisans from around the area will prepare their ninots – papier mache puppets or dolls filled with firecrackers modelled after a chosen theme that often pokes fun at current events.

La Tomatina

The history of La Tomatina is a little foggy – people speculate that it began with a disgruntled parade participant falling from his float as a result of a young crowd getting a little over excited.

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