Must-see shows in Las Vegas

They don’t call this the Entertainment Capital of the World for no reason. A holiday in Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to watch live performances from your favourite celebrities, be dazzled by ingenious magic acts and experience shows unlike anything else in the world. With so much to see and do, you might feel puzzled as to where to begin. Luckily, we’ve got a handy guide to the shows you simply have to see during your Las Vegas stay.

The big names

Chances are you’ve already heard of several of the definitive Las Vegas shows. The performers who first caught fame in this glitzy city are just as fresh today as they ever have been, so definitely make sure you check them out.

The Blue Man Group is a fantastic example. The trio of unspeaking blue fellows are famous the world over, but it’s Las Vegas that they call home. Their performances play out over jazzy tunes and feature plenty of comedy antics – although their shows nowadays also have a way of stirring audience emotions. The Blue Man Group is so popular in Las Vegas that they’ve got their own specialised theatre space, hosting them time and time again in the glamorous Luxor resort.

Another dynamic duo always setting the stage ablaze in Las Vegas – sometimes quite literally – would be Penn & Teller. This duo of magicians has done plenty to debunk the most common myths of the Magic Circle since their careers took off, but that doesn’t make their performances any less engaging. Even their most dramatic TV programmes can’t replace the thrill of watching these talented magicians live, complete with the energy and tension they inspire in their audience.

The magic of music

If you’re a fan of some of the world’s biggest singing sensations, then Las Vegas is definitely for you. Even after his sad passing, the energy of the King of Pop’s definitive performances live on in the Michael Jackson ONE show. The music is given a new lease of life as talented Cirque de Soleil performers reinterpret everything from the famous moonwalk to the mind-boggling Smooth Criminal lean.

The greatest songstresses to ever grace a stage are active across Las Vegas too. Celine Dion’s timeless performances are a huge part of the Las Vegas entertainment line-up year on year, while pop music sensations like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez throw specialised Vegas concerts with the high level of showmanship that you’ve come to expect.

Light entertainment reinvented

Those old school variety shows may have come and gone back at home, but in Las Vegas they’re changing it up on a constant basis. A great example of an individual combining comedy, music and light entertainment is the impressionist and ventriloquist Terry Fator. Although he made his debut on American reality TV, he’s gone on to become a superstar in his own right, backed by an entourage of hilarious puppet folk.

Conventional stand-ups, from the one-liner kind to the not-for-grandma kind, perform regularly at Las Vegas, yet the real mainstay is Carrot Top. Anything this outlandish comic doesn’t know about prop-based humour isn’t worth knowing, and the fact he’s been on the circuit for over 20 years now gives you an impression of how popular his humour has become.

Performances with profundity

Some of the grandest Las Vegas shows take you on a true emotional journey. Nowhere is that more true than in the sublime skills showcased by Cirque de Soleil in ‘O’. This is where gravity defying acrobatics play out in a huge tank of water, although for a more action-packed offering, check out the dramatic yet graceful martial arts of the Ka performance instead.

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