Sun Apartments

Many guests return to the Sun Apartments year after year because they fall in love with the lively entertainment and good-looking pool.

The pool’s a hub of activity during the day. You can soak up the sun or take a relaxing dip and admire the countryside views. There’s also a pool bar where you can get drinks and a la carte lunches.

The main restaurant serves a big spread of local and international favourites and there’s a regular Turkish night, too.

In the evening, the hotel really comes alive, so expect magic shows, belly dancing and a great range of drinks!

Overview of Marmaris

When you visit Marmaris on your holiday to the Dalaman region of Turkey, you’ll enjoy a holiday where every day is different to the last. Stays at the Sun Apartments are never one-paced, so you can spend one day lounging by the pool, the next exploring the ancient castle and the one after wandering around a traditional bazaar.

Marmaris is a vast coastal resort that includes a smart marina, a charming old town and all the modern amenities you’d expect from a major tourist destination. Plus, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down – all-night dancing is the norm!

Things to do in Marmaris

At the Sun Apartments, you’re only a five-minute drive away from the beach, which is a hive of activity. It’s backed by a palm-lined promenade that stretches for the length of Marmaris. At the front of the sand, there’s every water sport you can think of.

When you fancy something more relaxing, you can head to a traditional Turkish bath. If you’d rather see the town’s history, wander the streets of the old town where the earliest signs of life date to 3,400BC.

Marmaris is a resort for all occasions. With a stay here, you’ll experience the Turkish coast at its very best.

Resort Summary

The unblemished stretches of sand which make up the coastline have been accredited with Blue Flag status, while the crowning jewel of Marmaris Castle sits above the shoreline in imposing splendour. In fact, it was from here that the famous admiral Horatio Nelson organised an assault on the French at the tail-end of the 18th century, meaning there is plenty for history buffs to explore as well.

Marmaris’ strategic location on the Turkish coast makes it the ideal hub for taking a cruise or catching a ferry to locations further afield. The picturesque marina – particularly dazzling at night-time – is near some of the clearest waters you’ll ever set eyes on, making for some spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities.