Ojen Holidays 2024/2025

Ojen is a charming, unspoilt village set in stunning countryside, perfect for a Costa del Sol holiday. It’s whitewashed houses that tumble down the forested mountainside are just a short trip from glitzy Marbella, which provides the perfect holiday combination of peaceful days and party-filled nights.

Ojen Holiday Deals

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park

Ojen is sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de las Nieves, a mountain range and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that offers huge scope for lovers of nature and the outdoors. The park centres on its highest peak, La Torrecilla, and is known for its rich variety of flora and fauna and incredible natural vistas.

Cheap holidays in Costa del Sol to Ojen tend to be relaxed affairs that revolve around the excellent food and drink and welcoming atmosphere of the village, but the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park offers scope for a day or two of outdoor adventures and the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the area. Agrotourism is a phenomenon that’s picking up steam and there are opportunities to learn about the produce and farming methods essential to this abundant landscape, including the production of olive oil and the grapes that go on to become delicious local wines.

Alternatively you can pack your hiking gear and go on an organised tour, or if the heat’s too much there are also 4×4 tours where you can see more and save your strength for trips to other resorts along the coast.

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  • Best Restaurants
  • Food And Drink

    One of the great pleasures of any holiday in Spain is making the most of enjoying mealtimes in the way the Spanish do – eating later than normal and taking your time to enjoy your food and sharing with family and friends.

    For a village that hasn’t yet witnessed a tourist explosion, Ojen has plenty of quality restaurants doing simple and traditional Spanish food, and often the prices are better than the more established resorts on the coast. Drinking in Ojen goes hand in hand with eating and you’ll often find a well-executed tapas arriving with your beer. Relaxing, eating and drinking all come together in Ojen and this way of life is what a holiday in Ojen revolves around.

    Evening entertainment

    Despite being a village, there’s lots to do in and around Ojen, including a couple of nightclubs set up for the village’s young people. And then of course there’s Aguardiente de Ojen, the famous aniseed liqueur made exclusively in the village. It’s always good when your holiday destination has a unique and world famous tipple for you to try. It’s a kind of brandy made from distilled wine and flavoured with aniseed, and was originally made solely with ingredients found in the vicinity of Ojen.


    Ojen is a small place and many holidaymakers choose to spend big chunks of their time exploring the surrounding area. The closest cities to Ojen are Marbella to the south, Mijas to the east, Istán to the west and Monda and Coín to the north.

    Marbella is the obvious destination for holidaymakers in Ojen, as it’s one of most vibrant place on the Costa del Sol and it’s only a five-mile trip down the road. Marbella is famous for attracting celebrities and the world’s well-heeled, and if you go down to its marina you’re likely to see a Ferrari or two parked alongside an impressive array of yachts. Then of course there are the postcard-perfect beaches that brought people to Marbella in the first place, and the fabulous selection of restaurants and upmarket clubs and bars that make up one of the hottest nightlife scenes in Spain. There is also a selection of fantastic All Inclusive hotels, Costa del Sol style.


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