A guide to the best restaurants in Cefalu

Considering its surroundings, it won’t come as a surprise that Cefalu‘s cuisine takes lots of hints from Italy, but due to its history, there are also Greek and other influences. If you’re looking for worldly fare during Sicily holidays you might need to look elsewhere, but if you’re after traditional Italian cuisine dished up with a modern elegance, the restaurants in this waterfront town are just the ticket.

Artful street food at La Gallizza

Structured like a street food stand, La Gallizza’s casual fare is unforgettable. Here you’re treated to true Sicilian treats, with on-the-go bites like calzones, pastries and arancini – a local speciality of deep-fried dough balls filled with a meat and tomato sauce, mozzarella, rice and peas.

Fruits of the sea at Villa Dei Melograni

The dishes here are a sight for sore eyes, both in quality and in preparation. Overlooking the sea, Villa Dei Melograni serves apt seafood-heavy cuisine, with dishes like lobster linguini, grilled octopus and tuna, not to mention a healthy selection of desserts.

Home-cooked goodness at Ristorante La Brace

Ristorante La Brace does home-cooking at its finest, run by a mother-son duo that usually tend to a packed house. The food here is traditional Sicilian cooking, with meatballs, prawn linguini and rabbit casserole all accompanied by local wines. Just make sure you book early.

Italian desserts at Ristorante Le Chat Noir

Though half of this restaurant’s name is French, Italian cuisine abounds at Ristorante Le Chat Noir. You’ll find a host of pasta dishes, flavourful house wines and authentic Italian desserts. Better yet, the restaurant features a charming courtyard criss-crossed with foliage to dine in.

Cooked-to-order pies at Lievita Wood Fired Pizza

The pizzas here are prepared just to your liking, as you’ll get to choose which toppings – including the type of cheese – adorn these thick-crusted pies. You’ll also find salads and burgers to round out the rest of the menu, alongside a selection of wine, draught beer and fresh desserts.

Michelin-rated fare at Locanda Del Marinaio

The Locanda Del Marinaio is another restaurant that takes pride in its presentation, lavishly using sauces and breadcrumbs to its artistic advantage. Outdoor dining here is stacked along a busy street front and is supremely casual, yet not enough to get a snub from the Michelin Guide.

Seaside views at Al Faro

Nestled up along the cliffs and overlooking the sea, Al Faro makes it easy to settle in for the night. Once again seafood reigns supreme, with dishes like pistachio-encrusted swordfish, prawn and almond risotto and the supremely-Sicilian pasta alla norma, all made with the freshest ingredients.

Classy courtyard dining at Galleria

The peaceful courtyard at Galleria offers fine dining with casual undertones, alongside regional cuisine with a contemporary twist. Here you can expect servings of veal carpaccio and tomato salad, cheese-wrapped swordfish and steamed seabass, paired expertly with wine and champagne.

Not just Sicilian at Ristorante Al Capone

Not to be confused with the infamous American gangster, the Ristorante Al Capone is named after the fish, which you can sample in the capone tartar dish. This restaurant branches out from traditional Sicilian fare to include veal steak, beef and duck, along with the usual pasta dishes.

Frame-worthy dishes at Cortile Pepe

Meals here start with homemade bread, move onto an amuse bouche, climax with mains, which usually revolve around seafood, and close out with dessert. Each dish can be paired with just the right glass of wine, and the friendly staff are always on hand to assist you in your choice.