All Inclusive Holidays to Sardinia

Sardinia is an Italian island rich in sunshine, folklore and culture all of its own. To make the most of what this gorgeous corner of the Mediterranean can give you, an All Inclusive stay is your ticket.

Sardinia All Inclusive Holidays

All Inclusive holidays to Sardinia show off the best of the island

Sardinia – bathed in sun and with its own distinct dialect – rests west of mainland Italy and just two hours and 45 minutes’ direct flight from the UK. From the airport you can be in Alghero in 20 minutes and Budoni in 40 minutes.

Although your All Inclusive deal will factor in transfers, hotel meals and a range of perks such as discounted museum or theme park access, there’s plenty else to discover. A waterpark in stylish Costa Smeralda, just north of Budoni, together with several high end nightclubs lends to cosmopolitan fun, while more traditional small town bustle can be found in rustic Olbia. If you’re making a beeline for the beach, Alghero’s 90 kilometres of shore promise a stretch of sand all of your own.

Nearby beaches

Sardinia’s craggy shape means its beaches tend to be tucked away and nicely sheltered from the elements. That’s definitely true of Mugoni Beach near Alghero, whose pale sand is protected by a blanket of pine trees huddled around the coastline. A smaller cove can be found in Alghero’s Le Bombarde, which is popular with families thanks to its inviting shallows. Further afield, try taking a canoe out into the blue from Cala Banana, a pretty beach tucked between rocky outcrops.

If you head for Olbia, you can find the calmer Beach del Principe, named after royalty and with good looks to match. Fewer rocks make for broad swathes of golden sand that complement the sapphire blue sea. If it’s adventure you’re after, head to Cala Goloritze, whose smooth shores are punctuated by sandstone formations. A rocky outcrop around 150 metres high shelters this bay, which means that aspiring hikers tend to visit this beach to test their mettle.

What’s included in your holiday

All Inclusive holidays to Sardinia come with some pretty inspiring perks, although you’re wise to check the hotel information to know exactly what your deal will bring you. As a general rule, All Inclusive deals include transfers from the airport, as well as select meals and drinks at your resort. Depending on your deal, a few alcoholic drinks or gym access at the hotel facilities might be thrown in too. Others will come with discounts or even free access to attractions like waterparks.

Other popular holidays in Italy

If you’re looking for a great All Inclusive stay in a country where hospitality is king, check out Italy’s other island treasure, Sicily. On the mainland, the famous Italian Lakes come highly recommended, and culture hounds can take All Inclusive city trips to the Renaissance with a journey into Tuscany. That said, if Sardinia still has your heart, we can help ease your holiday plans with our top Sardinia hotels, listed below.

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Janna e Sole

Tucked in the hills of Budoni, this hotel has been fully refurbished. It sprang back into life in May 2017 with pristine white walls and spacious modern rooms, and a stay here also gives you free shuttle access to the beach. The two pools are split between an activity pool and a relaxation one, meaning those looking for one don’t tread on the toes of those looking for the other.