Last Minute Holidays to Santorini

Escaping the humdrum to sunny Santorini is a joy in every sense, and one that doesn’t need tons of fussing and planning to make happen. Let us take you through what you need to know to make your last minute escape happen, as well as showing why Santorini makes such a fine place to take your last minute holiday.

Santorini Last Minute Holidays

Santorini's beauty is all yours, without the fiddly planning

One of the most famous of the Greek islands, Santorini’s volcanic landscape is a holiday masterpiece. Wine tours, jet-ski safaris, black sand beaches and endless sun make this island a superb place for a last minute break, all just four hours direct from UK airports.

Santorini never leaves you lacking for fun in the sun. You can jet-ski by day and party by night at Perivolos, or make a different sort of splash at the waterpark and beach surrounding Perissa. You’ll find that Kamari offers a similarly sunny way to spend your time by the sea, together with fantastic shopping for handicrafts and international designs alike.

The beauty of Santorini lies in its lifestyle, where each day is taken with a slow stroll and a broad smile. It’s why it’s such a superb last minute holiday destination, because you can rock up and kick back without having to plan in advance. In fact, whatever time of the year you visit, a tour of Santorini’s wine industry is definitely recommended. The island grows grapes with a distinctive flavour, so make sure you get involved in taste tests. Nature trails also wind through the island’s interior, and whether you opt for a guided tour or to forge your own path, seeing the sights with your camera at the ready is an absolute must.

The best time of year to book your last minute holiday

Travel deals are always chopping and changing, and ours are no exception. That’s because we’re always doing our best to ensure that our prices reflect your budget as much as the value of the experiences on offer. Keep up with us as we update our deals and you’ll never be out of the loop.

That’s especially true of last minute deals. Those qualify as anything between eight weeks ahead of departure, right up to the night before. Prices tend to take a welcome tumble in that timeframe, and we’re here to pass those savings to you, although keeping in mind the time of year you’re travelling is also a smart move. Like any holiday destination, Santorini experiences high and low season across the year, which makes the summer the busiest time, thanks to those gorgeous blue skies. Luckily the heat is still on in what are colder months back home too, so don’t disregard the idea of a winter break to this Aegean jewel. In fact, coupled with a last minute pricetag, it could be a welcome escape that costs next to nothing.

Other popular holidays in Greece

As holiday destinations go, Greece is as diverse as they come. Beyond Santorini, you could visit other sunny Greek islands like Crete or Corfu, or hang your hat at mainland tourism regions like Halkidiki, where there’s history around every turn. That said, we’ve still lots of love for Santorini, best covered in our Santorini travel guide. We’ve also put a quick guide to the island’s best last minute hotels below to help inspire your next break.

Aegean Plaza Hotel

Secluded at the outskirts of Kamari, yet also perched just three minutes’ walk from the beach at even a leisurely stroll, this hotel boasts three pools and a gym, all sure to keep you on top of your health regimen. You can unwind in the sauna and whirlpool baths thereafter, or take a 10-minute walk into town for a spot of shopping or a few cheeky ones at the local bar.

Santo Miramare Resort

Another Perivolos hotel that comes highly recommended, the Santo Miramare Resort is just over the road from the black sand beach, meaning the sea is a minute’s stride. The resort takes its design inspiration from the Greek seaside villages of old, with buffet meals that factor in both Greek classics and worldwide favourites. Kids can refine their minds with the giant chess set, or you can keep active through the bicycle hire options, assuming you don’t burn those calories at the on-site gym.

Meltemi Suites

Scorching Perissa is where you’ll find this hotel complex, which is five minutes’ walk from the beach and even less to the town centre. It puts the best and brightest of Santorini on your doorstep, so you can take each day as it comes. Free taxis from the airport let you touch down and head for your room free from fuss, while meals here make the most of locally grown produce for flavours as wholesome as any family taverna’s.