Articles about Gambia

Planning a holiday to Gambia? Take a look at our articles for information about this wildlife-rich African country including days out for families and local customs and traditions. We have everything you could need to know for your next holiday to Gambia, from guides to the local delicacies and wonderful wildlife.

Culture and traditions of Gambia

Holidays to Gambia are all about taking things easy, soaking up the sunshine on the sandy beaches and taking a closer look at the countryside and incredible wildlife. You’ll also, no doubt, find it interesting learning how Gambians live their lives.

5 things you might not know about Gambia

There’s a reason why one of Africa’s smallest countries is also one of the most fascinating. In fact, we can actually think of five fantastic reasons why a Gambia holiday is a smart way to experience new sights on your next break.

Great days out for families in Gambia

A narrow country in West Africa, following the course of its namesake River Gambia, Gambia has beaches to the west, wildlife spotting opportunities along the river and in the many wildlife reserves, plus colourful fishing villages and cities with bustling markets.