A guide to the best beaches in Marsa Alam

The enticing water of the Red Sea awaits on Marsa Alam‘s beautiful eastern shore, which has taken small town chic to the next level through its development into a secluded yet lively tourist destination. There’s food, drink and culture to take in here, plus we can’t forget those sensational beaches. Discover more by checking out our fantastic range of package holidays to Egypt.

Abu Dabbab Beach

This is Marsa Alam’s most well-known stretch of shoreline and one of the more famous spots along the Red Sea. If you’re wondering what makes Abu Dabbab so special it may have something to do with the beautiful stretch of creamy pale sand that curls around the bay. Not only is it home to some stunning reefs below the surface of the water, but it also houses countless families of turtles and other marine life.

You’re likely to encounter a little shelled friend during your stay, and specialists are on hand to help you get acquainted with the cute creatures in question. Order a cool drink while you lounge on the sand, or head out and hire some diving gear for a closer look at what lies beneath – the choice is yours.

Abu Dabbab is widely known for being one of the few places where ‘sea cows’, or dugongs, make a regular home. You may even be able to meet these endearing local celebrities for yourself when you sink to the briny deep. The water here is so clear you can practically see all the way down to the ocean floor. Colourful fish and the occasional octopus show off the world beneath the waves in ways that make Marsa Alam a leading place for diving enthusiasts enjoying Egypt holidays.

Sharm El Luli Beach

Known for its beauty, prized for its peacefulness and admired for its frequent ability to score among the world’s best beaches, Sharm El Luli Beach is a Red Sea jewel. That’s partly because this shallow, lagoon-like curvature of coastline is undeveloped, lending it an unspoilt air that makes it unlike anywhere else.

Plus, the shallow water is ideal for waders and little ones. Get ready to lose yourself to inner peace, while a trip beneath the waves will give you the chance to meet fascinating marine life and colourful coral.

Gorgonia Beach

Close to the well-tended natural reserves of the Valley of the Camels, Gorgonia Beach is a little way out of Marsa Alam. Still it’s ideal for those looking for a more structured way to spend your time by the sea. Beach umbrellas and inviting, comfortable loungers lace the sands here, while amenities, food and drink are all at hand.

As with anywhere else in this part of the world, the invitation to dive to the depths of the Red Sea should never be ignored. The colourful reefs and active marine life all exist thanks to the concerted efforts of the local community, who understand the natural treasures they have on their doorstep.

That’s good news for you, because it means that guided tours to the hottest diving spots on the Red Sea are just a short boat ride away.