A guide to the best beaches in Cyprus

Our guide will help you skip the most famous of Cyprus’ beaches, such as Aphrodite’s and Coral Bay, in favour of places to spread out and enjoy the view with often not even a sunlounger in sight.

Cyprus is a popular holiday destination but, as the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, there are still some good options for beaches to get away from it all. And with interesting and varied geology, the journey to some of the more secluded spots can be equally as breathtaking as the beaches themselves.

Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsula

Lara Bay is one such place where the route is just as rewarding as the destination and its out-of-the-way location means this sandy stretch is blissfully quiet.

North of Coral Bay, Lara Bay is set within the spectacular Akamas Peninsula nature reserve so you’ll need a 4Ã4 to get there. Alternatively, safari tours are also a popular choice as you can sit back and enjoy the views and the wildlife without having to drive yourself.

Passing through a green landscape, once you wind your way to the coast, the rugged bay opens up in front of you. An added bonus is the fact that loggerhead turtles lay their eggs here in summer. If you’re worried about disturbing them, never fear, as volunteers mark clearly where nests are.

As Lara Bay is on the west coast, it’s worth staying until evening to experience the amazing sunsets – just remember to bring that picnic.

Porto Pomos, Pomos

At the north-western tip of Cyprus, on the edge of the Paphos Forest, Porto Pomos is Pomos’ smaller beach brother.

It’s a spectacular section of coastline with dark sand and ultra-clear water but this mini beach also has some facilities to keep you comfortable. There are a few sunbeds and umbrellas, some snack huts plus the Kanali beach restaurant above to retire to and get some shade and food.

If you want something a little more private, the next cove is just 100 metres along and answers that call.

White Rocks, Governor's Beach, Limassol

The large, smooth white rocks that edge the shore at Governor’s Beach are prime sunbathing territory as there are no sunbeds or umbrellas here.

Away from prying eyes, there are also a series of rocky coves along the coast here to lounge in. Governor’s Beach is close enough to Limassol that you can head there for lunch but far enough away for it not to be overly crowded.

Serena Bay, Protaras

Not as quiet as some others on this list, but still very much for those in the know, Serena Bay is a tiny beach off the main road north of Protaras and not far from Ayia Napa.

But, rather than those on a party holiday stopping by, the main visitors are locals taking advantage of the quirky beach bar. The trendy Serena Bay bar and restaurant has painted blue wooden tables under the shade of trees.

Down at the shore, the rustic beach sits in a pretty bay of turquoise water.

Mansoura Beach, Mansoura Bay

‘Away from it all‘ sums up this beach, both geographically and in the state of mind you’ll feel when you get there. The long and winding road you take to reach this stretch of sand leads through the tiny village of Mansoura and around the Turkish enclave of Kokkino.

As you drive through, you’ll get stunning views of Morphou Bay and the Kyrenian Mountains before you lay eyes on the long, flat and almost deserted beach.

After a long walk or stretch out on the sand, you can head into Mansoura for some food at the solitary Mansoura Taverna, which serves delicious fresh fish dishes.