Park Plaza Arena Pula

Fresh, clean and contemporary, the Park Plaza Arena Pula hotel offers a quiet base for holiday operations, while being in the middle of all the action, location-wise. Within walking distance of a bus stop that takes you directly to Pula’s nightlife region and with two fantastic pools in the middle of the grounds, the hotel is ideal for guest satisfaction.

The beach lies just 100m away and those looking to shop and eat to their heart’s content will enjoy being close to Verudela Avenue, a haven for both. A buffet restaurant ensures that you’re never kept waiting and a sports centre can be found tantalisingly close by, with everything from tennis to basketball on offer.

Overview of Pula

Holidays to the Istrian Riviera are up and coming and increasing in popularity quickly. It’s little wonder, given the beauty of this region of Croatia, and the range of activities to be enjoyed. Pula, which is home to the Park Plaza Arena Pula hotel, is a perfect example of the eclectic nature of this part of the world.

A heady mix of picture perfect beaches, brilliant nightlife and an incredible amount of history, Pula is the ultimate Istrian Riviera destination for holidaymakers that want a lot for their money. It rewards adventurous, curious travellers with unforgettable experiences and exceptional weather.

Things to do in Pula

Wave goodbye to the Park Plaza Arena Pula hotel for a day and you can enjoy the many sights of Pula, starting with the ancient Roman ruins that are unavoidable. The enormous amphitheatre, found in the centre of town, is a must-see piece of history and overlooks the Adriatic Sea, which should get you in the mood for some water sports or at the very least, a day on the beach.

Families are welcomed to Pula with open arms and can easily while away a few hours playing Alpha Strike Laser Tag or trying to get out of an escape room, but it’s at night when Pula comes alive. With a light show at the docks, bars staying open until the early hours and restaurants serving dinner until late, you can keep the party going as long as you like.

Croatia is getting the recognition it deserves as an upmarket holiday destination and Pula is definitely one of the reasons for this, with its diverse roster of sights and selection of picture-perfect beaches.

Resort Summary

Everywhere you go in Pula you’ll find traces of the Romans. The arena or amphitheatre in the centre of town is spectacular and you can stand in the centre and shout your heart out to hear the wonderful acoustics. The structure is impressive and large parts of the amphitheatre are still intact today. While there is a small admission fee, this modest sum is well worth the reward of seeing and exploring the arena at close quarters. Those with disabilities will be glad to know that there is wheelchair access.

The arena is a good place to start your tour of Pula as there are many ancient buildings close to this venue. The Pula heritage walk is an excellent option if you want to learn more about the town’s fascinating history.