Articles about Cuba

Planning a holiday to Cuba? Browse our articles for guides to the wildlife, day trips and architecture of this Caribbean paradise island. From the top cocktail bars to check out, to tips for couples’ holidays, our articles feature everything you need to know for your next Cuban adventure.

Wildlife in Cuba

Cuba’s terrain is as diverse and vibrant as its culture and you’ll find a variety of harmless endemic and non-native species spread out across this picturesque destination. Boasting more plant and animal species than anywhere else on the island, from the impressive rock iguana and majestic manatee to the minuscule bee hummingbird, visitors can explore the moist and pine forests and cactus scrub with complete peace of mind.

Scuba diving in Cuba

The colourful and vibrant island of Cuba is as exciting underwater as it is on dry land. With most sites just a short boat trip from the coast, you’ll find excellent scuba diving sites across the whole archipelago, each with a fascinating variety of marine life.

Architecture and culture of Havana

There’s no separating Havana‘s architecture from its culture – out here, they’re one and the same. Havana’s history stretches back for more than 500 years, and so it’s seen a thing or two when it comes to architectural movements.

Best day trips in Cuba

Cosmopolitan Cuban holiday destinations like Havana and Varadero are certainly worth writing home about, but step outside these borders and you’ll come face to face with a whole new side of Cuba.

Classic cars of Cuba

Along with the colourful buildings of Havana, hand rolled cigars, salsa dancing and rum cocktails, fleets of 1950s American classic cars adorning the streets are an iconic and charming part of Cuba’s heritage.

The different Cuban tours in Havana

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s really no better way to get to know a city than by touring it – Havana is no different. Here, you’ll find experienced guides that can help open a window into this city’s vibrant past and culture.

Couples' holidays to Cuba

You can smell it in the air, Latin spices, blossoming fruit trees, the salty warm sea, and of course – romance. Holidays to Cuba are ideal for that budding romantic relationship as well as that tale-as-old-as-time partnership. No matter where you are on your romantic journey, Cuba is a fantastic spot to holiday as a couple.

As a Latin island in the Caribbean famous for its grooves and smooth moves, Cuba is a nation rightfully proud of its dance heritage.

As a Latin island in the Caribbean famous for its grooves and smooth moves, Cuba is a nation rightfully proud of its dance heritage.

Cuba's best cocktails

Cuba is famous for Cadillacs, Caribbean sea views and, perhaps most of all, cocktails. While the namesake Cuba Libre really put the Latin island’s rum on the international stage, the truth is that there are a whole host of cocktails in this country for you to try, all to be enjoyed responsibly of course.