Couples holidays to Cuba

You can smell it in the air, Latin spices, blossoming fruit trees, the salty warm sea, and of course – romance. Holidays to Cuba are ideal for that budding romantic relationship as well as that tale-as-old-as-time partnership.

No matter where you are on your romantic journey, Cuba is a fantastic spot to holiday as a couple.

You’ll have plenty of activities to choose from that will strengthen and revitalise your relationship, as well just help you relax and have a little fun this holiday. As they say, two is better than one, and that certainly is true when it comes to holidaying in Cuba.

Cuba Couples Holidays

Havana nights

Cuba’s capital, Havana, is a prime hotspot for all things romance.

You’ll be surrounded by guitar-strumming musicians, jazz bars, plenty of art galleries and beautiful architecture. Havana’s also home to a gorgeous seafront promenade, ideal for romantic strolls in the moonlight, or just an afternoon of sightseeing and cafe hopping.

The beaches in Havana are perfectly golden with shallow waters and towering palm trees, not a bad way to spend some meaningful time with the one you love. Of course, you can’t travel to Havana without joining in on the vibrant nightlife scene.

We hope your partner’s ready to dance, cause this groovy city has salsa dancing on speed dial.

Varadero shores

If you dream of walking hand in hand across a silky tropical shore with your beloved, then look no further than Varadero’s romantic coastlines.

The beaches here are second to none, with white sand and see-through waters. A postcard worthy spot for sure, and perfect couple’s getaway material. Varadero has 20 kilometres of coastline so you’ll find endless secluded areas to enjoy the sun as a couple.

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot for two this area has you covered. Varadero has several high end restaurants serving both international and Cuban cuisine. You also won’t even have to leave the beach, as there are delicious restaurants located right on the shoreline.

Guardalavaca coral reefs

Christopher Columbus once said that Guardalavaca was the most beautiful land he ever saw, and we agree. The beaches and palm tree forests here are simply breathtaking, and are best explored with that special someone.

There’s romance around every corner here, even deep under the water. There’s no better way to explore Guardalavaca that journeying down below and checking out the coral reefs under the sea. You’ll see all sorts of sea creatures here from colourful fish, crustaceans and even the friendly dolphin.

Cayo Coco pamperings

For a little luxurious living, spend your couples’ holiday in Cayo Coco. Located off the north coast of Cuba, this small island is all about lavish lifestyles, rest and relaxation.

There are several luxury day trips for couples including glass bottom boat tours, stopping at stunning reefs around the island. You and your partner can also unwind at the Aquavida Spa in Cayo Coco, specialising in full body massage, mud wraps and Turkish baths.

After all that relaxation and pampering you can take a romantic ride on horseback through gorgeous tropical landscapes, stopping on a private sunny beach to watch the sun set over the waters.

There’s no better way to holiday than with the one you love, especially if you’re in Cuba. Take your time and enjoy strolling these Caribbean streets, seeped in history, natural beauty and romance.