A guide to weather in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is a firm favourite holiday destination due its comfortably warm weather all year round. Across the whole of the year, temperatures average 27°C to 31°C, but the heat is accompanied by cooling sea breezes. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Caribbean is a fantastic destination no matter the month.

The Caribbean weather year

The Caribbean has beauty all year round, but it’s useful to know that many of the region’s coastlines and islands experience a specific rainy season each year. Some islands, such as Aruba rarely have any rain at all, but others, including JamaicaBarbados and Cuba have both rainy and dry seasons at different times of year.

Generally, the dry season runs from around November through to April or May. The rain and temperature patterns on individual islands and coastlines can vary widely, so it’s worth checking specific weather details for each destination you’re interested in. Also, take a look at our facts below to give you a helping hand.

Taking a vacation during the rainier seasons can still be gorgeous, though air humidity will be higher, with an increased likelihood of tropical storms and generally more unsettled weather.

If you’re a nature lover who is hoping to watch sea turtles hatching, or spot migrating birds, the chance of clouds and exhilarating tropical rainfall shouldn’t be enough to put you off. However, if you’re definitely looking for clear blue skies and calm seas, it’s essential to book your break within your destination’s dry season months.

Planning out of season breaks

Some visitors to the Caribbean islands prefer to take their breaks during the cooler, out of season months. The slightly lower temperatures of the rainy season can be more comfortable than the hotter months for some travellers, although ideally it’s best to work around the tropical storm season where possible.

The temperatures are still warm enough to spend lots of the time outside and it’s regularly sunny enough even for a dedicated beach holiday. As a bonus, there will also be far fewer people around, making it more likely that you’ll find empty beaches, perfect peace and an extra chilled-out vibe.

Booking for perfect holiday weather

There are a number of local weather facts that can be helpful in guiding you though, to ensure that you book your holiday at the ideal time to meet your holiday weather preferences.

The dry season for most of the Caribbean runs from November to April. So if you definitely want hot, sunny beach-and-swim weather these are the key months to book your Caribbean holiday getaway.

Although the Caribbean as a whole offers visitors sunshine and warmth throughout the year, the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao have the lowest overall rainfall.

The island regions of Bermuda, Aruba and the Turks and Caicos Islands don’t have a specific annual rainy season. They offer high temperatures, clear skies and calm seas pretty much the entire year round.

Apart from the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, tropical storms and hurricanes usually occur during September and October, so sunshine fans should book holidays outside these times.

Planning your holiday dates ensures you get the most perfect Caribbean weather for your holiday needs. Whatever time of year you decide to travel you will find a friendly, relaxed welcome and immense beauty wherever you look.