A guide to food and drink in Aruba

The island of Aruba has several impressive restaurants offering Caribbean, traditional Aruban and a wide range of international cuisine. From once-in-a-lifetime Michelin-rated restaurants to little beach shacks right on the sand, your Aruba holidays will be privy to it all.

Exploring Aruba's delicacies

The history of Aruba has had a strong influence on its cuisine. The island was discovered by the Spanish in 1499 and later, in 1636, became a Dutch colony. This mix of culinary and cultural influences has shaped the complexity of tastes and variety of dishes you can enjoy during holidays to Aruba today.

Pan bati is a popular side dish in Aruba that looks more like a pancake than anything else. That’s because it’s a thick, squashed bread sometimes made sweet with sugars or other fillings. Funchi is another dish you’re likely to come across in Aruba. It’s a polenta loaf often served with Aruba’s classic hearty stews simmering with meat and fresh vegetables.

Fine dining and wines at The Kitchen Table by White, Eagle Beach

An exclusive restaurant featuring only 16 seats, this venue offers the ultimate intimate dining experience. It boasts an impressive international selection of fine wines to enjoy with a seven or eight course Aruban-Caribbean themed gastronomic feast. Relax and enjoy your meal while taking in gorgeous sunset views.

Try their delicious Ceviche – Lion fish marinated in ‘Leche de Tigre’ served with mangoes, red onion and coriander. For vegetarians there are also several tasty choices, including their marinated avocado salad which is a veggie feast including tomato salsa, cream of avocado, Japanese Wakame salad, seaweed chips and quinoa salad.

German specialities at Bavaria German Restaurant, Palm Beach

This brightly decorated and welcoming restaurant offers freshly cooked, traditional German food at moderate prices. You can go inside for lunch or dinner, or linger outside in the beer garden and enjoy a few drinks.

Menu options include German favourites such as Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, or their Salad Bavaria with ham, cheese, tuna and a Bavarian dressing of sour cream and mayonnaise mixed with a dash of beer. It offers good food and a friendly service and you’ll find a wide selection of German and Belgian craft beers to sample along with your meal.

Grown up dining at Carte Blanche Restaurant, Oranjestad

This party-themed restaurant dubs itself as ‘an exquisite dining experience without limitations in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere’. This hugely popular restaurant is an adult-only venue – 21 and over – and caters for an intimate maximum of 14 guests at a time.

All your fellow guests may be complete strangers to begin with – but could be firm friends by the end of the evening. You will be treated to a feast of dishes and drinks while chatting with other guests, or to the restaurant hosts Dennis and Glen.

A large selection of worldly bites at Bingo Cafe Restaurant, Noord

Bingo is an authentic Dutch bar where local Arubans come to meet and relax. It boasts an innovative international themed restaurant and fine selection of wines and cocktails at reasonable prices. Daily specials are complemented by an eclectic menu including vegetarian selections.

Go here for dishes such as coconut shrimp served with a chilli sauce and Ceviche, which is fresh mixed seafood pickled in vinegar and lime juice served with a crispy tortilla. Menu options change on a regular basis so it’s worth visiting more than once just to see what tasty dishes are on offer.

Healthy meals for all the family at Yemanja Woodfired Grill Restaurant, Oranjestad

This is one of Aruba’s most popular restaurants, offering a menu that spans Caribbean, Mediterranean and healthy superfood dishes. You’ll find calamari, scallop and shrimp dishes here, as well as lean cuisine options such as quinoa salad and potato truffle soup.

This venue is a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere and delicious evening dinner.