Articles about the Carribean

Planning a trip to the Caribbean? Browse our articles for information about the Caribbean, including the best day trips to consider and a guide to the festivals and carnivals this vibrant destination is famous for. Our articles also provide insight into the delicacies of the Caribbean, all you need to know about discovering Cuba’s classic cars, and historical sites and cultural activities of Barbados. We’ll ensure you’re well prepared for your Caribbean getaway.

Caribbean Rum Culture

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the Caribbean is wonderful golden rum. Whether you drink it neat, or as a base to a mojito or any other exotic cocktail, rum is synonymous with this group of exotic islands.

Caribbean delicacies

When you think of Caribbean food, what instantly comes to mind might be jerk chicken with rice and peas or a hearty fish stew. However, when you arrive on these tropical islands, you’ll soon realise they have hundreds of unfamiliar ingredients and cooking techniques that combine to create new flavour sensations.

Fun Facts About the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world, with so many different places to see and things to do. When you’re there it’s easy to get lost in the relaxing island mentality and let it all wash over you, but there are some things you don’t see – and some things about the Caribbean that you may not believe.

Traditions and customs in the Caribbean

Part of the fun that comes with venturing to new places is learning about that destination’s traditions and customs. In essence, holidaymakers get to live as the locals do and try on a new culture for size. The Caribbean is rife with traditional holidays and customs unfamiliar to the average British holidaymaker. So, to clue you up on what you might encounter if you’re heading west, we’ve whipped up a little sneak peak of these islands’ vibrant lifestyles.

The best hotels in the Caribbean

Treat yourself to the holiday you deserve – after all, you’re already holidaying on the gorgeous white sands of the Caribbean, stay in one of the best hotels too! And, if you haven’t decided for sure if the Caribbean is where you’re heading, check out these hotels and then you’ll decide.