When is the Best Time to go to the Caribbean?

Shimmering turquoise waters. Sands whiter than white. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. And of course the sun high in the sky, all day long. Caribbean holidays are simply heaven on earth – a place to escape amidst the dreary weather of the UK, a haven to truly relax and unwind.

Have you been considering a Caribbean getaway – but can’t decide when’s best to visit? Well, not to worry, we have everything you need to know. From which is the best month to visit the Caribbean to the best time to avoid the Caribbean’s hurricane season, you’ll find it all here. 

The best time for a Caribbean holiday

The short answer, put quite simply, is any time between December and April. These are prime time months to visit the Caribbean – it’s gloriously sunny, warm, and is drier and less humid than in the previous summer months. 

However as these are classed as the Caribbean’s high season, you’ll find the beaches more crowded and prices at their highest, with availability for these dates getting snapped up quite early on. If you plan to go during these months, it’s often best to book in advance, taking advantage of any long haul offers for the following season. 

The long answer? You can pretty much enjoy a Caribbean holiday all year round! Thanks to the tropical climate of this pretty part of the world, it’s never cold, with temperatures in the late twenties all year round. The only difference in some months is the levels of humidity and rainfall. 

But if you can put up with it being a bit hot and sticky or the odd shower for some of your holiday, you could grab yourself a bargain! 

When is the rainy season in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean’s rainy season falls between June – November. In these months you can expect higher temperatures, higher humidity and varying levels of rain. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’ll be a total wipeout with heavy rains throughout the whole region, or every island rained out each month. 

July, August and September is the main hurricane season in this part of the world, so it might be best to try and avoid this where possible. But check the weather forecast for the individual place you fancy going to – as it may not be all that bad, especially in the more southern Caribbean islands.

Some islands are more prone to storms than others this time of year – but in general, even in rainy season, you’ll still have glorious weather amidst the showers. In summer, Caribbean waters can reach a toasty 28 degrees, which will feel as though you’re walking into a warm bath! 

When is the cheapest time to visit the Caribbean?

If you’re trying to do the Caribbean on a budget, then months like May, June and November are where you could bag a great bargain. 

These months aren’t in the thick of the rainy season – it’s either just starting up or on the tail end of it, a time where there’s fewer crowds, meaning cheaper rates.

You might find yourself having to dodge the odd shower, but there will still be more than enough sunshine to deliver an amazing holiday! And if you like it HOT – even better, as in the summer months the heat gets cranked up a notch! 

You’ll be able to look forward to the Caribbean’s hottest temperatures, giving you prime weather for optimal beach days, as well as amazing snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Choosing your island

The best time to visit the Caribbean can vary depending on your holiday goals, budget, and mostly, island. Some islands will be more expensive than others, with the likes of St Lucia and Antigua being some of the more pricey options, and the Dominican Republic and Jamaica being more affordable. 

If you’re an animal lover, you might want to hit one of the following idyllic islands for a very special reason. Every year between March and September Hawksbill, Green, and Giant Leatherback sea turtles make their way onto the sandy beaches of Caribbean shores. Trinidad is a main hotspot, as well as St Lucia, St Kitts and the Grenadines.

Nesting peaks between April and June, and there are many turtle tours offered by conservation programmes allowing you to get a peak of mother nature at work. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, and all in stunning surroundings! 

Is the Caribbean calling you?

So, the best time to go to the Caribbean is usually in our winter months, when these gorgeous islands are at their driest, least humid, and serving up sublime temperatures in stark contrast to the bitter weather back home. 

But there’s still plenty of sunshine and sights to take in at other times of year too – it’s all down to your personal preference. No matter when you decide to go, you’re pretty much guaranteed to experience surreal sights like clear ocean waters, marvellous mountain backdrops, and colourful coral reefs all around.

If you want to see the kinds of paradise that await, take a look at some of our best Caribbean deals here – who knows, you could find yourself in tropical, toasty temperatures sooner than you think!