Weather in Ibiza

It may not be thought of as an all year round destination, however the Balearic beauty Ibiza will surprise you. Of course, its summer season is renowned for balmy beach parties, al-fresco clubbing and catching those spectacular sunsets, however its other seasons are just as enjoyable. As you can expect temperatures aren’t quite as hot, especially in the winter but the good news is sunshine still makes an appearance over 300 days of the year. As for the rain, you’ll be pleased to know the White Isle is the driest out of its Mediterranean neighbours. So, when is the best time to visit Ibiza? To help you decide, here’s an overview of what to expect each month…

Weather in Ibiza in January

Average Temperature: 12°C

Average Rainfall: 14mm per month

It may not be its prime party season but Ibiza still has plenty of celebrations going on in the winter and we’re not just referring to its events calendar! The White Isle also raves about its pleasant weather and rightly so since it’s much more enjoyable than the UK in January. Temperatures have been known to reach a daily maximum of 16°C and as for rainfall — showers are short-lived and super light, nothing like the downpours we often experience here in the new year.

Weather in Ibiza in February

Average Temperature: 12°C

Average Rainfall: 5mm per month

February in Ibiza may start off on the cool side, however things do tend to gradually heat up as the month goes on. Similar to January, temperatures can reach a daily high of 16°C however it’s worth noting that they can also drop to just 9°C particularly after-dark so we’d suggest packing some warm clothes. The good news is, there’s plenty of indoor spots to keep you warm — Pacha, the world-famous nightclub being one of them as it opens its doors again for the whole of February.

Weather in Ibiza in March

Average Temperature: 13°C

Average Rainfall: 6mm per month

With Spring in the air, Ibiza welcomes warmer days in March. Those days that are perfect for exploring the White Isle and all of the fantastic things it has to offer. From the Ibizan countryside to its picturesque coastline, you’ll have a nice seven hours of sunshine to soak it all up. Temperatures may hover around 13°C however they can creep up to 18°C so sun cream is a must. While there is an average of 6mm of rainfall, things should stay relatively dry thanks to the islands sheltered location.

Weather in Ibiza in April

Average Temperature: 16°C

Average Rainfall: 2mm per month

Things start warming up in more ways than one when it comes to Ibiza in April. The restaurants open their doors, the beach clubs start spinning their decks and the temperature reaches the toasty twenties. That’s more than warm enough for us Brits to get into our favourite swimwear and spend our days sipping cocktails on the beach or by the pool, isn’t it?! If you’re brave enough you might even want a dip in the sea — the water at this time of year is around 16°C. If that’s a little too cold for you, many hotels fortunately have the warmer option of an indoor pool.

Weather in Ibiza in May

Average Temperature: 19°C

Average Rainfall: 1mm per month

By May in Ibiza, you’ve got Summer just around the corner meaning temperatures are seriously on the up! Chances are you’ll be given a real taste of summer as it can sometimes get as hot as 24°C. Not only that, the sunshine hours get longer and the chance of rainfall becomes minimal. As expected, the UV levels also increase so make sure you take extra care of yourself if you’re spending the majority of the day soaking up the sun. Things do cool down quite noticeably on an evening though, so it’s worth popping a jumper or two in your case.

Weather in Ibiza in June

Average Temperature: 24°C

Average Rainfall: 2mm per month

This is considered to be one of the nicest months to visit the Balearic beauty with the weather really heating up. But, exactly how hot is it in Ibiza in June? Well it doesn’t quite reach the thirties but it’s not far off as the daily maximum gets to around 28°C. If you need to cool down, the Med is a great temperature for swimming in at 23°C. You can look forward to 15 lengthy hours of daylight each day, with the sun not setting until around 9pm. From then you can carry on enjoying a brilliantly, balmy evening.

Weather in Ibiza in July

Average Temperature: 26°C

Average Rainfall: 0mm per month

Having an 87% chance of perfect sunshine every day right the way through July is the type of thing we can only dream about in the UK. As for the White Isle of Ibiza, they get exactly that! Our dreams are this destinations reality, as they have the tiniest chance of seeing any clouds and absolutely zero rain expected — now that’s the kind of summer we’re talking about! With 11 hours of sunshine predicted each day, there’s so much time to top up your tan. It goes without saying that a high sun factor is an absolute must, particularly with UV levels being so high.

Weather in Ibiza in August

Average Temperature: 26°C

Average Rainfall: 14mm per month

August is yet another month in which you get the chance to experience the glorious Mediterranean climate at its best. It’s safe to say warm clothes won’t be needed as temperatures peak up to 30°C and the heat lingers pretty much all the way into the night too. Although there is an average 14mm of rainfall this month, it is most likely to be a short-lived downpour, which you may even enjoy to cool you down from the sun! If you consider yourself a bit of a water-baby, you’ll love swimming in the sea at this time of year, the water is a pleasant 27°C.

Weather in Ibiza in September

Average Temperature: 23°C

Average Rainfall: 25mm per month

It may be the grand finale of the Ibiza party season but as far as we’re concerned the summer season is still in full swing. There’s a daily average temperature of 23°C but there’s a good chance this will heat up as warm as 28°C for those sun-seekers and there’s certainly plenty of them! In fact, Ibiza in September is one of the busiest periods with its Mediterranean location allowing the island to hold onto the late summer sun. Although the average rainfall does take a considerably large leap from the previous month, it is likely to be just a short shower.

Weather in Ibiza in October

Average Temperature: 26°C

Average Rainfall: 26mm per month

We might have waved goodbye to the party season but we certainly don’t wave goodbye to Ibiza’s warm weather in October. The sun keeps shining for a lovely seven hours each day keeping things at a pleasurable temperature of around 26°C. With this, UV levels remain moderately high so be sure to take extra care when outdoors all day, which you’re highly likely to be since there’s so much to do, see and explore. The warm waters of 23°C mean it’s still a great time to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea too.

Weather in Ibiza in November

Average Temperature: 15°C

Average Rainfall: 15mm per month

Dreaming of some winter sun? Warm things up with our scorching holiday deals to Ibiza this November. Just a two-hour flight from the UK is all that stands between you and much milder temperatures which have been known to rise up to a toasty 20°C. Despite the increased chance of rain, there’s still plenty of sunshine to enjoy each day — 10 hours to be precise. Once the sun goes down, you are likely to need a jumper or light jacket, if not a beer blanket might just do the job at keeping you warm throughout the evening!

Weather in Ibiza in December

Average Temperature: 13°C

Average Rainfall: 17mm per month

A waterproof wouldn’t go a miss when holidaying in Ibiza during December since it can get quite wet at times but that doesn’t mean to say it will last the duration of your trip. There’s only 11 days of rainfall expected throughout the entire month, so that means there’s plenty of time for the sun to make an appearance too, and when it does it can reach up to 17°C! As for the night, chances are you won’t even think about the weather as you’ll be too busy checking out the live music and bars the White Isle has to offer — many of which remain reasonably lively even in the prime Winter months.