San Jose Holidays 2024/2025

A place of simple charms that hasn’t succumbed to the demands of tourists, San Jose is a relaxing haunt for couples wanting to experience a living Ibizan village. Think old-time Spaniards spending their days playing cards under a shady harbour.

San Jose Holiday Deals

Village life

Halfway up Sa Talaia Mountain and 500 metres above sea level, San Jose gives amazing views of three sides of the island. The scenery around town is just as good, as this floral village has pomegranate trees lining the streets and pretty gardens in which to sit with a drink.

The main central square of San Jose is dominated by a 15th century whitewashed church, which has a beautiful domed interior with gilded decorations. Around the village is a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants, which tend to be multi-purpose. For example, at The Fashion Cafe you can have coffee or a meal and then shop for German designer items. Elsewhere bars double up as art galleries, so you get two for the price of one in San Jose.

As San Jose isn’t tourist-centric, perhaps because it doesn’t rely on a beach, things carry on in much the same way in winter as in summer. The garden bars move indoors to places like the cosy pottery shop, or people keep warm under heated lamps while listening to open air music.San Jose is one of the perfect places to book up cheap Ibiza holidays in the cooler months.

The nearest beach

You can be at the spectacular beach of Cala D’Hort after a short 10-minutes’ drive. Equally as peaceful as San Jose, this pure white beach with sheer cliffs has brilliant views of the mysterious island of Es Vedra. The 400-metre high rock of Es Vedra holds the eerie title of third most magnetic place on the earth and can easily be reached by kayak or boat.

The sea here is ideal for snorkelling as you can swim around the small rocks and glimpse marine creatures through the transparent waters. If spying all that seafood has made you hungry, there are a few good restaurants here specialising in the delicious local fish dish of Peix Bullit – fish stew with saffron – as well as paella. A nod to the clientele of the beach is a designer beachwear boutique open in the summer. Choosing Ibiza package holidays in this area means all this and more can be explored for the perfect chilled holiday.

Hit the heights

The highest point in Ibiza, Sa Talaia Mountain is rife with hiking trails that give amazing views across the island. On a clear day, as most days are, you can see over to the island of Formentera from the peak. There are plenty of easy routes to wander along from San Jose and if you’re visiting in late January you can amble through the pretty fields of almond trees in full white blossom.

To climb directly to the top of the mountain is a 2.5 kilometre route on a moderately steep path and we’d advise heading out early before it gets too hot. After all, siestas are a given in San Jose anyway.

Local food

San Jose is a traditional place so all the food here is Spanish and Mediterranean, and you’re sure to find some island classics such as Sofrit – slow cooked spiced meat and sausage stew.

One such place that you’ll get good Ibizan cooking is Sa Soca, with its charming vine-covered terrace. Or at Es Raco Verd you can sit al fresco in the gorgeous courtyard with a glass of wine while you listen to smooth music. They often have smooth jazz and blues bands and the food and drink is very affordable.


There’s a surprising amount going on in San Jose. The selection of shops alone is very good and you can pick up anything from beach equipment to traditional crafts, local produce and bread to pottery and stylish children’s toys.

In summer an open air cinema is held playing classic international films. For something even more classic, you can swing along to the ancient Ibizan crafts school. Here craftsmen build dry stone walls how it would have been done a thousand years ago.

San Jose Fiesta

The village comes alive throughout March until mid-April with over a month of festivities including sporting, cultural and gastronomic events. Don’t miss the night-time Parade of Demons where participants swing fire-lit batons to ward off the spirits. This is followed by live music, DJs and food and drink offers in the bars. The All Inclusive hotel Ibiza has on offer create the perfect base for you to relax in before heading out to these exciting events.

The Day of San Jose on 19th March is the main event celebrating the patron Saint of the area, when a line-up of shows and special events is arranged. In 2015 there was even an outdoor Pepe Rock Festival with live local bands.

Seeing the island

Aside from gazing down on the other Ibizan resorts, you’ll probably want to get out there and see a few up close. San Jose has good transport links to San Antonio and Ibiza Town, with buses stopping at the village every 90 minutes. From these towns you can get to most other places on the island or you might want to hire a car for convenience.


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