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USA - Travel Guide

Incredible Sights & Amazing Diversity

USA holidays offer hugely varied options. America is one of the most difficult nations to sum up in few words, not only because of its large geographical size but also the rich melting pot of cultures and customs that make up the USA. Flights to the USA are available from a variety of low cost airlines, so there's never been a better time to visit. Most popular destinations for USA holidays are the big cities such as New York and Las Vegas, made famous by movies and songs, the sunny states of Florida and California and the exotic islands of Hawaii.

The sights, sounds and smells of New York city, affectionately known as ‘the big apple’, evoke memories of classic movie scenes, with each avenue revealing exciting new shops, cafes and attractions. New York holidays in the USA are top of many people's list. Heading west Las Vegas is quite simply the most audacious party there has ever been, distilled into city form, lit up with neon and wrapped in the glitz and glamour of Americana.

On the southeastern corner of the United States, Florida quite literally is ‘the sunshine state’, attracting millions of visitors each year to enjoy USA holidays on its magnificent coastline with a lovely warm climate. For west coast holidays in the USA, California has fantastic weather, buzzing cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and some superb Pacific Ocean coastline. When you search holiday hypermarket for cheap flights, USA holidays are just a few clicks away.

Attractions of Holidays in the USA

The attractions of USA holidays are perhaps too extensive to list. Certainly the weather in the United States, especially in Florida and California, is generally warm and sunny in the summer months. Of course the weather on USA holidays is a big plus point in itself, but the diversity of natural and man-made attractions is enormous.

Alongside structures such as the Empire State Building in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the gigantic hotel-casinos of Las Vegas there is the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and some beautiful national parks.

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