The Ultimate Guide to the World-Famous Coco Bongo

Confetti bombs, packed dancefloors and singing impersonators – Coco Bongo is no ordinary night out. Situated in locations across Mexico and the Dominican Republic, this epic experience is renowned all over the world for its infectious party atmosphere.

So if you want to find out what all the fuss is about, here’s everything you need to know about the Caribbean’s hottest nightclub.

How it all began

This huge venue opened its doors in 1997 and is situated in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. This seemed like a fitting location, considering Mexico’s global reputation for partying.

Then, after its world-wide success, two more clubs were opened, one in Playa del Carmen in 2009, and the other in the Dominican Republic in 2014.

The inspiration behind the nightclub spectacle came from the hit 1994 film, The Mask, which features a club of the same name.

A nightlife scene with a difference


For those who have never experienced Coco Bongo before, it’s so much more than an average night out. Instead, this famous spot is more of a nightclub turned show. From the outside it looks like any other club, but once inside the place resembles a concert with a main stage, a bar and tiers of seating.

This is no average show either, we’re talking Las Vegas-style entertainment with talented performances from world-famous artists. Watch them take to the stage and transform into everything from iconic movie stars to famous musicians and comic book characters.

Choreographed dance routines by the likes of Britney Spears, Cirque De Soleil-style acrobatics and fantastic live music, is just a taster of what a night at the legendary Coco Bongo involves. But it’s not just about the onstage fun, to help create the ultimate party atmosphere balloons, confetti and bubbles are released into the crowd.

And don’t be surprised if you get dragged onto the stage either, the crew typically go around and grab girls out of the audience to dance. And if you’re lucky, you might even be asked to strut your stuff  on your own private platform – so get ready to showcase your best moves.

Make sure you watch out for the kiss cam too. This giant camera focuses on members of the audience, expecting them to kiss, another fun edition to the show.

But it wouldn’t be Coco Bongo without the star of the show, yes, if you haven’t guessed it already we mean The Mask, the famous onscreen character played by Jim Carrey back in 1994. The green-faced hero is usually seen handing out drinks and posing for pictures. After all, a photo with The Mask has become the ultimate Coco Bongo souvenir.

Your ticket

When it comes to purchasing your ticket, you’ll be happy to know that Coco Bongo has an open bar concept, so that’s all your drinks covered until 3.00am! But there are two ticket options – Coco Bongo Regular and Coco Bongo Gold – each offering something slightly different.

What’s included in your package can vary based on your location, but below is what you can expect as standard.


The Regular ticket includes –

  • Entry
  • The show
  • Your transport if needed
  • An open bar until 3.00am on locally branded drinks

Gold Member

The Gold Member ticket includes –

  • Entry
  • The show
  • Access to Gold Member area
  • Reserved seats
  • Your transport if needed
  • An open bar until 3.00am on premium drinks

Prices will also vary depending on your location, and please note that weekend prices – Friday and Saturday – will naturally be more expensive.

For something more exclusive you can reserve your very own table, this is especially popular with large groups. Not only will you get your own spot, but you’ll also get to enjoy fantastic views, no queuing and bottle service.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out, you can reserve a Diamond Table. This will be in your own private section of the club and holds up to 15 people.


Cancun’s Coco Bongo is the most famous of its venues, as it was the first and largest. However, apart from its size everything else is pretty similar.

It doesn’t matter which location you choose as every Coco Bongo comes with the same standard of entertainment, an electric atmosphere and a great level of service.

Everyone is welcome


As long as you’re over the age of 18, everyone is welcome at Coco Bongo, and no one will feel out of place either. Playing music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now, the show has something for all ages.

Special events

Coco Bongo also hosts special events for big occasions like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. You’ll typically pay more for these tickets and they’re more likely to sell out due to high demand, so be sure to grab yours early.

Let your little ones in on all the Coco Bongo fun with special children’s parties, including free soft drinks and a show. Or, plan your trip around Halloween, and Mexico’s Day of the Dead, where you can celebrate the holiday in style with Horror Nights, a special scare-filled show.

New Year is another big event on Coco Bongo’s calendar and guests can enjoy a special edition version of the show. There are also a number of other events throughout the year – but these will also vary depending on the location you choose for your clubbing holiday.

Insider tips

  • Despite paying for an open bar, we always recommend that you bring plenty of cash for tipping your waiter. Not only will the staff appreciate it, but they’ll be more likely to look after you for the remainder of the night.
  • It’s always a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, trust us you’ll thank us after four hours of dancing.
  • Don’t wear anything that you’ll get too hot in, taking into account you’re in a tropical location and a room full of people.
  • The show starts at 11.00pm, so make sure you get there early, you won’t want to miss out on any of the onstage action.

Now, experience this confetti-filled club for yourself and book a Caribbean getaway in one of our fantastic Coco Bongo locations.