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Are These the World’s Most Extreme Hotels?

Are These the World’s Most Extreme Hotels?

Sometimes, going on holiday and staying in a beautiful hotel, with a nice sea view and room service just isn’t enough. You want something more extreme, something more exciting! No, not camping, we’re talking about staying in the middle of the ocean, up a tree, down a mine…  Here are eight of the most exciting options out there.

Icehotel, Sweden

ART & DESIGN book 2015, ICEHOTEL, iCelebrate25, Luxury suite "Tolackuntur" Design by Javier Opazo and Cristian Winckler.
icehotel 2

If you like chilly weather, and are determined to see the Northern Lights, why not stay in a hotel made of ice? The walls are made of ice, the roofs are made of ice, even the beds are made of ice! Brrr…

Images from Icehotel Sweden: 1, 2

Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, Lapland

igllos igloos 2

However, if actually sleeping on the ice is a bit too hardcore, how about viewing the Northern Lights from these beautifully cosy glass igloos?

Images via Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, Lapland: 1, 2

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

spirit spirit 2

Or would you prefer to sleep high up in the air, in a treehouse? These beautiful spheres are nestled among the trees and have everything you need to be closer to nature in comfort.

Images via Kyle Greenberg.

Tree Sparrow Treehouse, UK


Also up in the trees, but a little closer to home, is this charming, tiny treehouse in a field.

Image via Tree Sparrow Treehouse.

Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel, Sweden


treehotel 2

One more treehouse, for the design conscious amongst us. The Mirrorcube treehouse is elegantly perched among the trees, perfectly disguised with its mirrored walls. It’s a great hideaway for two people, and has great forest views.

Images via Treehotel: 1, 2

Giraffe Manor, Kenya


If you’re not interested in getting close to the trees, but love the idea of being close to the animals, how about the Giraffe Manor, in Nairobi? This extremely luxurious English style manor house set in its own grounds has one major difference – curious giraffes peer through the windows as you eat breakfast!

Image via Visiting Kenya.

Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

silver mine

How about going underground, and staying in a former silver mine? This cave like is the world’s deepest hotel room and is decorated with appropriate silver accents.

Image via Sala Silvergruva.

Underwater room, Zanzibar


This hotel is also deep down… deep underwater, that is. The suite, situated in the middle of the ocean, boasts an undersea  master bedroom which has reinforced glass windows for you to see the beautiful wildlife that swims by.

Image via Manta Resorts.

Which other destinations have you been to that have totally blown your mind? Are these the most extreme hotels in the world or can you think of better?

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