Why holidays are so good for you

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed, whether it’s with work, finances or just life in general, feeling under pressure is something everyone experiences at some point. That’s why we want to highlight how simply packing your bag and jetting off for a week or two in the sun can do wonders for your health, not just physically but mentally too.

Here’s some of the reasons why going on holiday is so good for you, along with the best places to reap in these health benefits…

Holidays for peace and quiet

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep is often underestimated, when really it’s the key to keeping us in the best health both physically and mentally. Holidays are an ideal opportunity to catch up on all of those missed hours and there’s an abundance of resorts that provide peaceful settings — perfect for getting the shut eye that we need.

Where to go for a quiet holiday

There’s plenty of places around the globe where you’re guaranteed peace and quiet. From the lesser-known isles of Greece like Thassos and Samos, to the sleepy Mexican town of San Jose del Cabo, we’ve got holidays to some of the most tranquil locations in the world. Plus, many countries including Greece and Mexico have a siesta culture where daytime napping is actually encouraged. Try the adults-only Hotel Louloudis in Thassos, this boutique retreat is wrapped in pine forests on a hillside overlooking Gilfoneri Bay — perfect for a couple’s escape with no distractions.

The health benefits

Holidays not only give you the chance to catch up on much needed sleep they also improve the quality of it. Spending your days lounging around the pool, doing nothing but reading a book or catching the rays will put you in a relaxed frame of mind. This ultimately makes it much easier to switch off at night. As for daytime naps, they can improve your mood massively, along with making you more alert afterwards. So if you fancy an afternoon siesta or a lie in until noon then go for it, it’s good for your health.

Holidays for relaxation

Holidays provide a much needed break from the hectic lifestyles we live. Imagine going away and setting aside everything that’s going on at home, leaving any worries behind. This goes for leaving any work behind too as more often than not, people take their work away with them — totally defeating the object of escaping.

Where to go for a relaxation holiday

From island escapes on faraway shores in the Caribbean to countryside retreats in European hotspots, there’s plenty of relaxing holiday destinations to choose from. Many that’ll give you the chance to completely unwind. TUI Sensatori are renowned for their peaceful surroundings and high-end spas. The only worry you’ll have whilst staying at one of these top-of-the-range resorts is deciding which spa treatment to try next. For the ultimate retreat, take a look at the BodyHoliday in the tropical treasure, St Lucia. Here you’ll receive a complimentary, spa treatment each day of your stay —what better way to relax?

The health benefits

By taking time out to recharge your batteries, you’ll not only lower your stress levels, you’ll also improve memory and concentration levels. So, when you return to work you’ll be much more productive and have a fresh wave of motivation. By taking regular holidays you can also avoid work burnout.

Holidays for new activities

Our fast-paced, busy lives often leave us with very little time to do things that we enjoy, and even less time to try new activities that we’re interested in. Whilst on holiday you can use your free time to your advantage and try something you wouldn’t normally get the chance to do at home. Plus, the warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to take part in activities in the great outdoors.

Where to go for an activity holiday

To try something completely out the ordinary, head to the Caribbean and have a go at zip-lining through the jungle in the Dominican Republic or scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Barbados. European destinations have plenty of activities to try too. From climbing holidays in Majorca to surfing in the Algarve, there’s all sorts of activity-packed destinations to suit everyone. Don’t forget all of the stuff going on at your hotel. From honing your technique on the tennis courts to partaking in sunset yoga classes, you can return home with all kinds of new skills up your sleeve.

The health benefits

Doing exercise or something active is not only great physically but can give you a wonderful mental health boost too. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending your break running miles or jumping in the pool for every AquaZumba session — just a simple walk along the beach can do wonders for your mood too. Activity holidays in general have been proven to enhance overall mental health and general wellbeing.

Holidays for wellness

From yoga classes to rejuvenating massages, there are loads of ways to take care of your wellness. One way in particular is healthy eating and what could be better than going away and immersing yourself in a whole new world of food that has been been lovingly prepared for you? Holidays can be a great place to try tasty, balanced meals. And you never know you might get some cooking inspiration to take home with you too.

Where to go for a wellness holiday

With All Inclusive resorts using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create energy boosting breakfasts, nutritional lunches and gourmet a la carte, detoxing can surprisingly be made a whole lot easier whilst on holiday. Robinson resorts in sun-soaked destinations like Thailand, Morocco and Fuerteventura are designed specifically for health-conscious holidaymakers. Take the Robinson Club Esquinzo Playa for example. This resort has a WellFit® station, WellFit®bar and KIDchen where both adults and children can tuck into healthy, locally sourced versions of their favourite dishes.

The health benefits

Thanks to Robinson holiday resorts whipping up an ever-changing selection of wholesome, nutritious dishes you’ll not only feel great whilst eating them, you’ll feel great afterwards too. From clean eating during your break, it’s more than likely you’ll head home feeling revived and full of energy. Along with getting all of the vital nutrients from meals, you’ll top up those Vitamin D levels in these fantastic sunny locations too!



With so many health benefits to going on holiday, we think it’s important that you take time out, pack your bags and see the world. So, how much will you save on a well-deserved break with Holiday Hypermarket?