How To Convince the Other Half You Need a Last Minute Holiday

Are you in need of a last minute getaway to some sunshine-soaked shores – but your other half’s having none of it? Don’t worry, we’ve thought up everything you need to say to convince them it’s time to hop on a plane for some sun, sea and sand. Reel these perfectly valid reasons out to them and you’ll be booking a last minute holiday in no time…

The obvious one – cost



The great thing about booking a last minute holiday is the savings you can make! Hotels like to have full occupancy, so if they find themselves with empty rooms over summer then you’ll find they’re likely to slash the price in order to get them filled. And that means there’s some unbelievably good deals to be had!

That’s great news for you if your other half is concerned about the purse strings. Right now there’s last minute deals for under £300 per person – and even All Inclusive last minute deals for less than £350 per person. You can barely get a good break in the UK for the same cost!

Going All Inclusive is a great way to save on how much you could spend on food and drinks abroad. If you’re wanting to go away with the kids, there’s some brilliant deals to be had in the school holidays – so there’s no worrying about being landed with a hefty fine from the school when you get home.

Being on a tight budget can be great as a way of heading off to somewhere you might have otherwise not considered. With all the time and money in the world, you could choose wherever you like – but when you’re on a budget, you kind of have to let the destination choose you. And that’s a good thing!

Never considered Bulgaria before? Now’s the perfect time! It’s known for glorious sunshine in July with highs of 28 degrees Celsius, has seriously scenic coastal towns and the best one: you can grab some cheap holiday deals. Plus, the Aquapolis waterpark in Golden Sands is an absolute blast for families.


The health benefits



Did you know that there’s so many physical and mental health benefits of going on holiday? Experts are serious when they say the sun is vital for Vitamin D! A healthy dose of Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, and a lack of it can cause serious health issues.

And although you can get a healthy dose at home on a sunny day, there’s nothing quite like basking in the heat by the pool and getting that healthy glow to your skin, known as a tan. Surely everyone agrees life is always a little better with a tan?! Think of an event your other half is set to attend later in the year and casually remind them how much better they’d look with a little healthy colour to their cheeks…just remember the SPF, of course!

Aside from your physical well-being, in many ways the mental health benefits outweigh all other reasons. Sometimes you just need to get away to de-stress! Holidays are a way of re-setting your emotional state, and quite literally, leaving your cares behind.

Life can be pretty hectic at times, and sometimes just taking a week or two to rest and recuperate – be that by the pool, on the beach or soaking up a spot of culture – is all you need. In fact, a a survey we conducted last year revealed that even after month, a year, and five years, holidays with loved ones continue to bring more happiness than material items such as a new car, a new wardrobe or a new phone. So forget splashing out on gadgets and get something booked!


Britain’s unreliability



Is your other half still holding out for a scorching summer like the one back in 2018? Well we hate to break it to you, but as ever, you can’t rely on Britain for anything resembling decent weather. We might get the odd day of sun here and there, but let’s face it – it’s pretty hit and miss.

Before you know it, the doom and gloom of autumn and winter will be well on their way, and your chances of sitting in the sun in your garden will dwindle to just about zero. Plus, even when we do get some sunshine at home, it’s not quite the same as being sat around a lovely big pool with cocktails on tap, is it?

The chances of us getting an uninterrupted week of solid sunshine back home are pretty slim, so it’s a much safer bet to jet off to the likes of mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands or one of many Greek islands!

With a relatively short travel time for them all, you could be sunning yourself in 28 degree heat in just a matter of hours. And with some of our brilliant last minute bargains up for grabs, it sounds like a no-brainer to us!


Being spontaneous



You don’t always have to book something years in advance. Where’s the fun in that anyway?! Sometimes a bit of spontaneity can do you the world of good – that sudden excitement, the oh-so-short countdown and those last minute shopping buys.

If you’d like to go away, book a cheap family holiday and think of the surprise on the kids’ faces when you spring it on them that you’re going on holiday. You could even get creative and map out a mini treasure hunt that eventually leads them to their surprise – that they’ll soon be splashing in the pool abroad!


Get convincing and get booking! There’s a whole host of amazing last minute deals to be had this summer. Whether it’s a break in Bulgaria or a toasty week in Turkey, there’s still plenty of time to jet off. Find your perfect holiday with Holiday Hypermarket.