Visiting the Caribbean with Kids

Visiting the Caribbean with Kids

Want to travel to the beautiful Caribbean but not sure whether it’s suitable for kids? Well, let us help you discover all of the family friendly activities across the islands that will make you want to book your trip in no time. 

Long haul flights can be daunting for some at the best of times, but keeping little ones entertained for a longer length of time can be a bit tricky, especially on a plane! You can read our handy guide here on keeping their little hands and minds busy for a peaceful and stress-free flight. 



It’s hard to think of the Caribbean without picturing miles of soft, sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. When you’re younger, one of the most memorable parts of a holiday abroad is going to the beach with your family – there’s just nothing like the feeling of warm sand beneath your feet!

Beaches have become a hub for tourist resorts, and the excitement doesn’t stop at the shoreline. Most popular sandy spots will have an array of facilities including beach bars, restaurants and shops making the beach a perfect day out for the whole family.

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

On the island of Jamaica, one of the most famous beaches is Seven Mile Beach. Thanks to its vast stretch of white sands and shallow shores, this beach is great for a spot of swimming, even with younger children. 

The beaches in Aruba are consistently mentioned among the best in the world, so if a sand filled getaway is what your family is craving, you won’t be disappointed here. Aruba’s beaches have a peaceful feel to them, but rest assured you will find plenty to do thanks to the many watersports and diving centres based at the sands.

Of course, beaches are great places for mums, dads and older children too with plenty of sunbathing opportunities and perfectly positioned beach bars that keep your next rum punch just within reach.


market stall in Jamaica
A market stall in Jamaica

Experiencing a country’s culture comes in many different shapes and forms, and doesn’t necessarily mean dragging the kids around museums if that’s not what they’re interested in. The Caribbean islands are so diverse and are likely to seem worlds apart from back home to a little one. Exploring new countries and their cultures will be such a memorable part of your kids’ childhoods, and it will be an experience that will win them brownie points in the playground!

Jamaica has a rich history, particularly when it comes to reggae music, and hearing the sweet melodies throughout the streets is such a warm and welcoming sound. Live performances are a must-see when you visit and they’re always a lively experience. Music is a universal language, so children visiting Jamaica can really get into the culture by soaking up this exciting music genre live from its birthplace.

Food is a huge part of what brings communities and countries together, and the Caribbean isn’t slacking when it comes to tasty dishes. Seafood is big on the menu here, and you can expect to have a kick of spice with each meal, but don’t worry, milder options are available if you wish. There’s a wide range of dishes available that are not so common at home, so chowing down on new and exciting foods is a great experience for the whole family.

Just as a friendly reminder, some of the Caribbean islands have legalised the personal use of cannabis, and when walking through local towns you can often recognise the smell or see people using it. If you’re planning on exploring local towns throughout your stay, maybe have an explanation on hand so you don’t get caught out by inquisitive kids!


Going on holiday gives you the chance to get up close and personal with animals that may not be found that often in the UK. Visiting zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks or even seeing animals out in the wild can be a great educational experience for kids but it makes it fun for the whole family. 

When visiting tropical islands, some of the common activities you can enjoy are snorkelling and scuba diving. The Dominican Republic is a great place to head to the water in the Caribbean thanks to the wide variety of tropical fish and plenty of shipwrecks to explore. There are lots of excursions available to book which will take you on half or full-day diving trips. Along the beaches and in your resort, you will be able to find more information about the excursions available to your family. 

Imagine relaxing on the beach and seeing pigs paddling through the water next to you. This can be a reality in Barbados! This amazing sight can be found at the appropriately dubbed Pig Beach, where Staniel Cay pigs enjoy cooling down in the clear waters. You can get up close and personal with the friendly swines, who definitely aren’t opposed to a tasty treat or two! No one really knows how the family of pigs got there, but they have become part of the beach furniture.

Another unexpected animal sighting is Aruba’s flamingos. There’s one beach on the island where you can share your stretch of sand with the pretty and pink feathered birds which beautifully decorate the sand. The aptly named Flamingo Beach is based on Renaissance Island and to access you must be a resident at the hotel, Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort.

Resort Facilities 

Royalton Splash Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

If relaxing in the resort for the entirety of your holiday is more your style, then don’t worry, there’s still plenty of ways to make the holiday exciting for your kids! There’s plenty of family-friendly resorts throughout the Caribbean islands that make your holiday that little bit more special.

Fancy heading to the Dominican Republic but don’t know which hotel to choose? We recommend the RIU Bambu Hotel. Riu hotels have fantastic daily entertainment programmes, meaning there’s lots to keep you busy during the day. If you want some peace and quiet, there’s a fantastic kids club, RiuLand which is suitable for children from age 4 to 12. For teens aged 13 to 17, there’s also Riu4U Club.

Some hotels take their facilities to the next level and have onsite waterparks! Royalton Splash Punta Cana is a great choice if you’re wanting to get wet and wild on your next family getaway. The waterpark has seven high-speed slides to pick from, along with a wave pool and a space bowl. Some of the slides do have height restrictions, but children under the minimum height requirement can still enjoy the splash park.


Blue Hole Waterfall, Jamaica

Whether you want to delve into the deep rainforests and jungles or explore vast national parks, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the Caribbean. The Turtle River Falls & Gardens in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is home to beautiful gardens, waterfalls and exotic animals. The 15-acre gardens serve up fun for everyone with swimming in the waterfalls and exploring tropical wildlife on offer.

If you want to take your little explorers to find some jaw dropping and diverse scenery, then Los Haitises National Park in the Dominican Republic is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Los Haitises translates to ‘hilly land’ and attracts visitors by boat to see the towering 30-meter high rock formations jutting out of the water. 

Aruba’s national park, Arikok National Park, comprises almost 20% of the island! There’s so much to see here from caves with Indian drawings, to sand dunes and beaches, to rough hills of volcanic lava formations and the natural pool. Arikok National Park is also home to the highest point in Aruba.

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