Travel Tools to Wrangle Your Cords and Cables


Tired of your suitcase looking like Spaghetti Junction? By the time you’ve remembered your cables for your toothbrush, shaver, laptop, phone, iPad and kindle it may start looking like there’s no room for the electrical themselves, never mind your clothes. It’s HYPE to the rescue, with some gadgets to leave those tangles looking sleek!

1. A leather travel roll for the urbanite

Leather accessories always look luxurious, and this one has a simple, masculine styling and enough room to hold four cables captive.

2. A case that fits absolutely everything

Ok, maybe it doesn’t fit all the electrical extras in the world ever, smarty pants, but this nifty  nylon case does fit in lots of cables, your mouse, many memory sticks, several adaptors, and various other electronic must have in a slim and unobtrusive case.

3. A handy little nugget to keep your earphones safe

This little plastic gadget is pleasingly small and smooth, and has slots to nestle your earbuds in while you wrap the card around the middle.

4. A funky earphone pillow

This handmade earphone pillow comes in lots of different fabrics, and is a cute way to keep your earphone cords from tangling.

5. A sweet little earphone nest

And if you’re handy with a crochet hook, why not create your own little woolly nest for your headphones to sleep in?

6. A smart canvas pouch

This tiny pouch is finished in leather and is ideal for travelling with your phone. It can fit inside an iPhone charger plug, plus the lead and your earbuds, and it comes with two leather cable tidies.

7. A skull to keep an eye on your earphones

This laser cut wooden skull looks a bit sinister at first, but pop your earphones through the eye holes and it looks endearingly googly-eyed. Clever.

8. A simple yet innovative system of elastic

This simple board holds woven strips of elastic so that you can slip most small items underneath and hold them securely in place for travelling. There are endless configurations so you can practice your Tetris skills to fit everything together in one go.

9. A cute solution

Experts are agreed, there’s nothing cuter than a puppy, and this one is designed for you to wrap your cords around to keep them tidy and handy.

10. Cable ties

The original and, some would say, the best. Also the cheapest of the lot at 99p, you could always go back to basics and secure your errant cables with a bunch of cable ties before you set out. Plus, there’s something weirdly satisfying about clicking them in place.

With all of these options to suit any style or requirements, you now have no excuse for not being as organised as an accountant on holiday!

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