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Convertible Pieces to Make Your Travel Wardrobe Last

Let’s face it, travelling with just carry-on luggage is often a) much cheaper, since many airlines don’t include a hold suitcase in the price of the trip any more, b) more environmentally friendly – the less you lug, the less fuel the airplane uses, and c) more convenient, since you don’t need to queue to check in or wait for ages at the luggage carousel.

Unfortunately, it requires a certain amount of cunning and minimalistic packing.  Therefore, may we present the best convertible clothing to save room in your case and keep you looking great on the road – no matter where you’re headed.

A convertible dress

So you’re trying to squeeze a skirt, a dress for evening, a dress for the beach and something that will cover your shoulders for a visit to a church or mosque into your tiny baggage allowance? There’s no need for all of those when one convertible dress will do the job. This particular one gives you many multi-way options and has a lot of colour choices. Sorted!

A scarf

A scarf can be converted into many things. Light to carry, something finely woven in cashmere will do duty as a plane blanket, extra bedcover, shawl and head/shoulder cover for visiting religious sites as well as worn around the neck. A cotton scarf can be converted into a bandeau top, short skirt, headgear to protect against the sun or even with the help of a belt a tiny dress.

A convertible anorak

If you’re planning on doing anything more onerous than lying on a beach, you might want to pack a waterproof mac if there’s any chance of you being caught in the rain or the cold. This one offers a fleece that you can zip inside the raincoat for cold, wet weather, remove for warmer weather, and wear on its own if it’s merely freezing on your hols, not wet.

Convertible sandals

Some days you just want light and cheerful flipflops, and some days you’ll curse them as you attempt to run across the road or pedal a bicycle while trying to grip them on with your toes in a futile fashion. These problems are no more with a pair of convertible sandals. You can attach a strap to the back of these comfortable shoes whenever you like to provide a bit more stability.

Other shopping options include trousers that convert to shorts, long sleeve tees that can convert to vest tops, and warm hats that convert into scarves when you get a chilly neck. Now you just need to get a tiny suitcase that converts into a big one to pack them all in! Oops, that’s not quite the point, is it?