Top 10 Animal Encounter Holidays

Calling all animal lovers! If your perfect holiday involves anything to do with animals then look no further. There are so many places around the world that you can get up close and personal with some fascinating species, but how do you decide where to go?


We have created a handy guide to some of the top destinations for animal encounters across the world. Whether you fancy getting up close and personal with pretty pink pigs or swim with slippery sharks in Egypt, we’ve got the perfect holiday deal for you!


See Baby Turtles Hatching in Cape Verde

One to definitely add to the bucket list is watching baby sea turtles hatch and run along the beach towards the sea. Cape Verde has the third-largest population of nesting loggerhead turtles in the world and most nest on the islands of Boa Vista or Sal. 


Most sea turtles head to the beach to lay their eggs and nest between July and October. If you miss the season, or just want a guaranteed chance of seeing those cuties, why not visit a sea turtle conservancy? There are many non-profit organisations on Cape Verde’s islands which are committed to the protection of turtle nests, loggerhead mothers and their babies. 


Swim with Pigs in Barbados

For a truly Instagrammable moment, swimming with the Staniel Cay pigs in Barbados is definitely a must-do. Pig Beach is an incredible sight, with perfectly pink pigs paddling close to the shoreline. 


You can get up close and personal with the friendly swines, who definitely aren’t opposed to a tasty treat or two! No one really knows how the family of pigs got there, but they have become part of the beach furniture. 


Go Horse Riding in Costa Rica

Can you picture yourself riding on horseback through tropical jungles and along beautiful beaches? Costa Rica has plenty of scenic horse riding spots to enjoy with riding tours led by professional operators and that are suitable for all ages. 

Caribe Horse Riding Club is the premier horse riding tour operator on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and their tours range from a few hours to full days or even a few days! All horses are well cared for and well trained, and are mild mannered, making the tour suitable for riders of all levels of experience.


Spot Beautiful Birds in the Canary Islands

For the bird lovers out there, the Canary Islands are home to so many different species of birds and you can spend hours watching them in their natural habitats. The range of species on the islands aren’t the only thing that makes bird watching so special here. The birds’ habitats are fascinating and range from coastal sand dunes to alpine scrub.


Each Canary Island offers different habitats and welcomes different species, making bird watching from whichever island you choose so diverse. 


Swim with Sharks in Egypt

If you’re feeling brave, why not dip your toes in the beautiful blue waters of Egypt’s Red Sea and swim with the sharks! Grey reef sharks are the most commonly spotted species, but you can also catch a glimpse of hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and whale sharks.


Whether you fancy viewing the sharks from the comfort of a boat tour or want the adrenaline rush of swimming alongside them, you will find plenty of options to help create that once in a lifetime experience. 


Go Wild on Safari in Senegal

Senegal is one of our newest holiday destinations and the country is filled with wonder and excitement. It is a great place for a safari holiday so why not try your luck at spotting the big five in this amazing destination? There are plenty of organised tours available and you can book dual tours which take you to other attractions including the Somone Lake where you can view aquatic species. 


Many tours offer lunch on your journey, though it is best to check your tour itinerary to be sure! You can chow down on some local grub while being in the great outdoors surrounded by some of the most beautiful animals in the world, how cool is that?!


Dive Deep in Malta

Malta’s caves, reefs and wrecks are suitable to be explored by divers of all levels of experience. You can reach the best diving spots from the shore or by boat and one of the most popular diving sites is the Blue Hole.


Though Malta’s main diving attractions have always been the wrecks and rock formations, Malta’s waters are also home to octopus, squid and many more species. If you’re brave enough to test your skill in the deeper waters you can spot barracuda and even tuna!


Meet the Energetic Elephants of Thailand

One of the main tourist pulls to Thailand has always been the elephant sanctuaries. Throughout the country you will find several sanctuaries that are dedicated to the protection of elephants and sustainable tourism. 


Sustainable sanctuaries actively discourage riding the elephants but you can splash around in the water with them, wash them (they will also wash you!) and feed them. Make sure when you book a holiday excursion to an elephant sanctuary, that you do your research to ensure the operator and sanctuary really is invested in the wellbeing of the majestic creatures. 


Spot Beautiful Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Blue whales are the largest animals on our planet, so if you have the opportunity to spot them, then grasp it with both hands! Sri Lanka is a great place to go whale spotting, as well as being able to see many other exciting animals on land. 


Brush up on your whale facts before your tour, and stun your friends and family with your cetacean sized knowledge. The best time to view the whales is between December and July, depending on which coast you visit. 


Relax with Fancy Flamingos in Aruba

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing on a white sandy beach next to the beautiful blue ocean. Now imagine a flamboyance of flamingos strolling past your sun lounger. Sounds amazing, right? You can enjoy this amazing sight on the stunning island of Aruba


You can find the colourful creatures on one beach in Aruba, aptly named Flamingo Beach! Flamingo Beach is based on Renaissance Island and to access you must be a resident at the hotel, Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino


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